Friday, June 30, 2006


Looks like Arab News has finally caught up to the controversy thats been headlining the blogosphere lately (finally:p)! They made it to the 3rd page of KSA's english daily.

Unless you're new to blogging or just uninvolved with the bunch of blogs that make up an online community in Saudi arabia (and the gulf in general), then you will obviously be aware of the whole fiasco that has occured between a certain number of bloggers (namely Farah and Jo) and the self styled Official Community of Saudi Arabian Bloggers (OCSAB).
Technically however they are not really official since they don't have any government backing or any real institutionalized basis from which to operate from. They're just a group of bloggers expressing their views albiet sometimes a little strongly.
I not against them offering their opinions, however, the only thing that serves to bother me is the fact that the OCSAB have somehow put it unto themselves to regulate the content of other people's blogs. Like some kind of offshoot of KASCT.

While I'm sure their intentions are well I seriously doubt that their views will be very constructive, since they ultimately seek to limit creativity and free speech, not to enhance it.

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taqo said...

I really wanted to read that article!
Couldnt find an arab news anywhere today.