Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alright then

Well its official. The summer has started and schools finally out.

It's been a while since last time I was posting due to all the final exams and presentations I've had to put myself through. Most of them went well Alhamdullilah except for my studio class. The grade he gave me was rather dissapointing. Even though I talked to him afterwards, im sure its unfair considering the amount of work and effort i put into it all. But I did much better than some of my classmates:S

So far its been a strange but interesting semester. Some pretty good things have happened. So have some not so good things. And some things that I'll probably never get over. All in all a pretty good 4 months:p No seriously its been rough not to mention exhausting. I just hope it gets better from here. Seriously. I really need the break.

I finally went to Bahrain last wednesday! Watched The Da Vinci code and Scary movie 4 at the mall over there. The Da vinci code was alright in my opinion considering there were idiots there going "tsk tsk" through out the whole movie. And Scary movie 4 wasnt as good as the last ones. But overall me and my friends had a good time.

Well I have the next 3 months to do pretty much nothing. Other than attending my classmate's wedding at the end of the month in Riyadh or watching The World Cup with my friends, there really isnt anything much to do. My msn messenger has been dead for who knows when, along with pretty much everything else on the internet nowadays. Or is it just me?

Anyways Ive decided this is gonna be my last post. Well at least for a very long time anyway. Was going to just delete the whole blog but I decided to let it stay, ya know as sort of like my mark on the blogging world or something lol. I dunno I'm just kinda sick of this blog after all this time. The stuff i post is bullshit anyway. So i'm gonna give it a rest.

Anyways take care and all the best



Rudy Wellsand said...

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HAVE A NICE VACATION! I'm guessing that you are an ENGLISHMAN, right?

lil fishy said...

u cant stop blogging :| how dare u:|
u stop and ill find u and stalk u :| i know my way around UPM :|

ren_crow said...

no im not an englishman.

lil fishy
Sorry hun but I just did. Stalk me, u say? hmm well go on then, i dare u;)

SunShine said...

oh ren_crow,
I think that your blog is quite interesting. What you might think is 'bullshit' is interesting to other ppl for so many reasons. one big reason is that you give insight to another kind of life =) such as how guys live in KFUPM or have fun in Bahrain.

Stopping your blog is your personal decision, but i would be disappionted :P take a break, but don't delete it just yet. You never know when you get inspired.

btw, here is a suggestion, why don't you post more personal stuff? Like your school work for example. We might not understand it, but this stuff is always fun to check out!

Best of luck =)