Saturday, May 20, 2006


So here i am. Ive been up the whole night doing assignments and now it's past 5 in the morning. And how much have i finished?


ok im kidding, not zilch, but not a hell lot either. Good Lord, since when did Macromedia Freehand 10 become such a bitch? I swear this illustrating software is driving me up the wall. Burn in heeellll.......

Some of the stuff that im doing in Freehand would take me half the time in Adobe Photoshop. The only reason I'm not using Photoshop is because everything gets pixelized therefore making it easy for our instructor to know we've been trying to pull a fast one *grumble*

So far this graphic design course that i took (as an elective mind u) has been going downhill. Who knew graphic design could be so complicated??

Well i gotta get back to work and just TRY to do something decent enough to allow my instructor to actually hand me a grade.

Rock show pics

Ok so i only got one at the moment from the gig at Thursday night. Hopefully more will be one the way. Here's a pic of my friend in his band Grieving age(which was the last band to play that night)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Rock show

Last night was crazy! Went to a rock show fronted by more than a few bands from jeddah/riyadh(probably 12 or 13 in total). And no I wasn't in any of the bands this time around, maybe next time;)
One of the bands had one of our friends so we came to see him as well. It was at some compound so that meant a free hand to make a lot of noise. And man, did they ever.
Since it was in a compound there wasn't really such a big deal about girls/guys mixing and the show was open for anybody as they long as they had a ticket. But its not like u could tell the difference. The ratio of guys to girls was like 10:1, so yea basically it was a sausage fest:p

The noise these guys made was insane. Guitars screeching, keyboards blaring, drums smashing, and singers howling just to be heard over the incredible din. All band members played very well and there wasn't any screw-ups (as far as i'm aware of). Some of them had very expensive gear like Gibson flying-V guitars, Dean Markley and B.C. Rich (puts my Yamaha to shame). Most of the songs they belted out were covers from various metal bands, some well known and some less so. And some songs were their very own original songs (which were pretty good!)

If you weren't paying attention to the band then it was the crowd with us. We had guys head-banging and jumping around like there was no tomorrow. Speaking of jumping around, they all even started moshing in the middle of the auditorium. Not a real mosh pit, but eh it worked anyway.

The only problems I had were the fact that the music was so loud it left you half deaf afterwards hah. And the cigarette smoke. Good Lord every idiot was lighting up and filling the place with a thin mist of disgusting acrid cigarette fumes. It was so bad that afterwards my clothes reeked of it. Ugh. Not cool:(
I don't have pics of it, but i might get some from some of my friends since they did take some pics. Ill post some up if I get them.



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oops she did it again

OMG! Have u heard the news?? Britney Spears is pregnant again! Its unbelievable, like they just had their last baby a few months ago. Oooh that Kevin federline couldnt keep his pants on could he? Will it be a boy or a girl?? Wat kind of outrageous name will they give their new child?? Could it be possible...that her baby might overshadow the fame of Brad pitt & Angelina Jolie's baby?? Oh dear oh dear....

Too bad i couldnt care less. Seriously, the media is getting lamer with every passing day.

P.S: Britney was spotted shopping with her baby at some expensive baby store! Holy Cow! Amazing! blah blah blah blah


Thursday, May 04, 2006