Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fool of a took!

Soundtracked by Nine Inch Nails - "Just like you imagined"

"And thus I, Ren_crow aka Rys-Raziel returned back from the precipice of madness. The long absence from the blogosphere had destroyed me as I surely had perished in the darkness of the deep abyss (university)...................yet I lived! And now at this dire hour of need I must relinquish my presence furthermore (until mid june) that I may henceforth learn and prosper............and not become an unwitting pawn to the foul machinations of life insurance scams, overtly priced tech accessories, and assholes (uni professors)."

See you after the semester. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arabic blunder # 2: "maafi maloom"

Back in the day when my arabic wasnt as sophisticated as it was now, i usually picked up on anything I heard. After hearing the bengali workers constantly using the word "maafi maloom", I thought that this was basically what I should say whenever I dont know anything. Unfortunately i would frequently end up getting into stupid situations like this:

*walking down the street in the university housing area*
Lady: Ya shabab! T3al dageega...

Me: *walks over* n3m

Lady: T3aref wen makaan "Al-hayel ferdaws"?

Me: uhhhh *thinks for a while* hmmm hayel ferdaws.......wallahi maafi maloom.

Lady: Huh? Maafi ish? Ish gult?

Me: Maafi maloom hayel ferdaws.

Lady: Maafi maloom?

Me: Eywa

Lady: .......inta afghani?

Me: .............

And no i'm not afghani just in case you were wondering. Close, but no.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Arabic blunder # 1

I only just realized today that I've been saying "abgha saksouka" instead of "abgha shakshouka" to the cashier guy sitting in my local mat3am in the mornings. No wonder he's been looking at me strange all year. How embarresing.