Saturday, March 11, 2006

Insight into the mind of an Obsessive Depressive

Insight into the mind of an Obsessive Depressive


Ahoy me mateys! I be Capt. Jackass Sparroff and this here be Ren's blog!
Now me lassies and laddies if u excuse me, i need to wipe away the black eyeliner im wearing 'round me eyes. (curses be to revlon, ahhrrr!)

Well anyways, after being prodded and poked by Taq (literally. she's evil ya know) i have decided that i will indeed post an entry into my Blog. *audience clapping*

But seriously, how the hell can someone find the time to post three page long posts almost everyday or every other day??.............unless of course ure a(ahahohoho wait for it)................girl! Living(barely) in Saudi i might add. (my buddies the banat-al Riyadh are soo gonna kill me for this)
D'oh! Of course! how could i have not seen that?? Vaguely existing female stuck 99.99999657% of the time in her house, would only naturally post a three-page-long-critical-analysis/essay-on- virtually-everything-that-bothers-her-in-this-day-and-age-in-Saudi-society-and-the-possible-implications-to-her-future..........on her friendly neighborhood blog.

Ok enough with female angst. I'm guessing(probably wrong) that ure still wondering who exactly am i, if u actually bothered to read the About me section on the right hand side of the screen. yea i know, its easy to miss.
Anywayz, if ure still wondering..............then keep wondering! bwahahaha did u actually think i was gonna tell?........

My real name is Raheel aka Ren, Rys, or Raziel. And yes before u go asking what my name means, its arabic for "travel" or somewhere on that line. Which is pretty wierd cuz i have been travelling abroad for most of life. I am American by birth however my parents are pakistani, so that makes me paki too....Damn.

just kidding. abt the Damn part.

However i have picked up quite a alot of arabic so dont even think of trying to pull off the "lets-swear-at-him-in-arabic-'cuz-he-can't-understand-it" trick. Cuz it wont work! hahaha

Oh dear Lord. I can't believe my eyes. I've actually filled out a post filled with the usual bullshit that u find on other Blogs like this. Now all i need to do is wait for someone to read it................................yea ill be over here waiting with my year's supply of pizza and nacho dip.




Mr. R has entered the Blog.

Proceed ahead for autographs.