Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well its been a week and a half since I got here to the states and I havent posted anything on my blog.
I could have said that I've been extremely busy (which I have) or i could just say I've been extremely lazy. maybe both:p

Well anyways my flight from bahrain took me to frankfurt in germany where I took a connecting flight to new york. It was long and boring except for the part where I had a conversation with the lady sitting next to me. She was a director of some childcare company in North Carolina. She wasnt even that old like around 30 or something. She was also kind of wierd.

Anyways when I reached New york I took a taxi to the Greyhound bus terminal. I got to see downtown Manhattan in all its craziness. Of course it wasnt the huge billboards or interesting buildings that got my attention not as much as the chicks that seemed to be on every street:D

Well i took the greyhound to the Atlantic city in new jersey where my uncle was. After he picked me up we took a trip down the boardwalk. One word...wow!
I also took a trip down to philidelphia, but thats another story. Right now im in el paso in texas. Ill be heading off to arizona in a couple of days.
And yes i do have loads of pics. Ill load them up the next chance I get


Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well I picked up my plane tickets yesterday from the travel agent which means I'll finally be leaving for the US on sunday night!
I'll be heading off to New Jersey first where Ill stay with my uncle for a week. And then I'll be off to Texas to meet my other uncle (aaah its so good when u have family to depend on:p).
After this I'll head off to Arizona where I'm slated to attend a 5 week workshop at Arcosanti near the city of Phoenix!
I finally decided to go this year instead of the next because, well, the founder of Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri just turned 87! Yea he's an old geezer and I wanna make sure I catch him before he decides to take his permanent trip to Davy Jones locker(Ahhrr me matey!)

Ok so maybe I was being a little mean but hey I do have a point:p

Have you ever noticed when you travel abroad to some developed nation, how friends and family give you these lists of stuff they want you to bring back for them? Hehe yea I know all toooo well.

Anyways, I still have to pack my things (havent even started), and buy any necessary stuff that I'll need to take with me plus make sure my passport and plane tickets are all in order.

I just hope I don't get jet-lag:S