Friday, June 30, 2006


Looks like Arab News has finally caught up to the controversy thats been headlining the blogosphere lately (finally:p)! They made it to the 3rd page of KSA's english daily.

Unless you're new to blogging or just uninvolved with the bunch of blogs that make up an online community in Saudi arabia (and the gulf in general), then you will obviously be aware of the whole fiasco that has occured between a certain number of bloggers (namely Farah and Jo) and the self styled Official Community of Saudi Arabian Bloggers (OCSAB).
Technically however they are not really official since they don't have any government backing or any real institutionalized basis from which to operate from. They're just a group of bloggers expressing their views albiet sometimes a little strongly.
I not against them offering their opinions, however, the only thing that serves to bother me is the fact that the OCSAB have somehow put it unto themselves to regulate the content of other people's blogs. Like some kind of offshoot of KASCT.

While I'm sure their intentions are well I seriously doubt that their views will be very constructive, since they ultimately seek to limit creativity and free speech, not to enhance it.

For more on this you click here

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I remember watching one of eddie murphy's old shows in the 80's. The guy was hilarious even if he was wearing those ugly tight leather clothes that seemed so prevalent at that time.
Anyways I think it was on one of his shows Delirium or Raw (can't exactly remember), that he was up on stage doing his act when all of sudden he looked at the audience and noticed two kids seated in the second row. His show of course has an above 18 age limit. Instead of making a fuss about it, he just laughed and said "ooooh u kids are in trouble now!"
Then he decided to tell a joke just for them. Ya know the kind that (in his words) "you can share with aaaall your friends at school":

Once upon a time, deep in the forest a bear and a rabbit were taking a shit near a tree.
The bear turned to the rabbit and said, "Do you have any problems with shit sticking to your fur?"
The rabbit replied, "No not at all."
So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

Lol that just cracked me up. Kinda crude I admit but still I couldnt help from laughing my head off.

My room....... a dump. It should have its own hazard warning label. I'm gonna have to clean it up.



Saturday, June 24, 2006

Driving in Saudi Arabia

Before I start I want to make something absolutely clear:

People here do not know how to drive. Fullstop.

Whether its from lack of experience or just sheer incompetence (i'm assuming the latter), one thing is for sure. Men in KSA really suck at driving. And I know why.
As most of us know here in KSA, a man's driving education starts when he's about 10 years old. Yes you know what I mean. Thats the reason we sometimes see some brats zooming around in a old white pickup truck creating havoc and chaos wherever he goes. Hala Wallah my ass!
Of course the situation hardly changes when that boy grows a little older and finally becomes eligable for a driving license. The only difference is he's just a tad bit more interested in the opposite sex. And I think we're all well acquainted with the antics of hormonally charged teenagers and young men.
Now before he goes to the driving school theres a 98% chance that he's already taught himself how to drive. The problem is just that. He only knows how to drive the way he taught himself to drive. This behavior usually tends to trancend even after passing the test and finally getting the license. After all, the only reason we get the driving license is so that the cops at the checkpoints don't make trouble for us, right?

This is basically how i classify drivers in KSA:

-The speed freak. Believes the road is some kind of F1 racing circuit and must press the metal to the pedal in order to get the checkered flag and fullfill his dream of impressing females in any other passing vehicles. Tends to remember the brake pad AFTER he crashes.

-The tailgater. Likes to come up extremely close behind vehicles in front of him in order to coax the other car out of his way. Uses headlights, the car horn, or a combination of these to get the other car's attention. In other words is a complete nuisance.

-The headlighter. Similar to a tailgater. Uses a cars headlights in equal importance to the steering wheel, pedals and stick. In some cases it is used in greater importance! Likes to come up behind a vehicle and flash his car's headlights repeatedly in an attempt to make the vehicle give him way. Sometimes he does it when he's about a mile back, ya know just to warn any cars in front of him beforehand. (Isnt that just nice of him)

-The minor. Like I have mentioned before, the person behind the wheel is usually under the age of 13. Doesnt know how to drive properly but treats it like some new videogame for the PS2. Usually tends to create a mess wherever he goes, if not an accident.

-The blind driver. Forgets to look both ways before turning. He's the kind of carefree driver that really doesnt give a fuck. Just zoom right through an intersection or from a merged street without looking at who is coming from behind. After all, other drivers can take care of themselves right?

-The camel jockey. This guy likes to think he's still in the 14th century. So he rides his car like a camel or a horse going into battle. Swerving, speeding, crossing lanes, and generally just being extremely annoying. The really bad part is that he usually does this with family in tow. So not only is he endangering other drivers but his loved ones as well. Someone seriously needs to take his camel out for a graze.

The problem with driving schools in KSA is that they don't give drivers experience out on the road, just inside the training compound. So when these drivers are set loose they don't know exactly what to expect. You can teach them how to accelerate, turn, brake, park, and reverse but if there isnt any experience out on the highway and the streets then whats the point? Its no wonder that this country has such a high rate of traffic fatalities per year. Traffic accidents alone cost the kingdom an average of 2.4% of its GDP, compared to 1.8% in Kuwait, 1.6% in UAE, and 0.75% in the USA.

Isnt that just sad. What a total waste of resources.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Riyad bank

Well here i am again. i havent slept the whole night and now its the 12:30 in the afternoon.

Which is why im kinda in a daze at the moment.

Somebody really needs to check up on the bank system in this country. After i couldnt withdraw cash from the ATM because my ID had expired, i was up and ready to go to Riyad bank and sort the stupid mess out. Lucky me, i got there an hour early. The bank didnt open until 9.

So to kill time i decided to go to dunkin' donuts and have some breakfast(which itself is extraordinary since i usually dont have breakfast). Its amazing what the smell of freshly baked donuts and coffee can do a person when they're feeling woozy from lack of sleep.

Anyways when I got back to the bank, there were only a couple of people sitting there waiting to see the guy at the Sales & services desk. I thought to myself 'no big deal, ill be finished in no time'.

Would u believe it, it took me nearly 2 hours just waiting until I could see the fool behind the desk, for something that takes 10 minutes max to fix!
The bank employee's lack of efficiency wouldnt have bothered me as much as the fact that they would immediately start concentrating their efforts for some idiotic friend of their's who manage to walk in every 15 minutes. "Yallah get the chai" they would yell to the asian guy who works there, while they reminisce over what happened 3 years ago.

Wtf. How abt a little respect for the people who have been waiting an hour or so to see your sorry ass so they could fix their problems? But noooo....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Film noir

The Movie Of Your Life Is Film Noir
So what if you're a little nihilistic at times?Life with meaning is highly over-rated.
Your best movie matches: Sin City, L. A. Confidential, Blade Runner
If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nancy Ajram gets robbed in Egypt


That just made my day.

(find the damn story yorself)


YES i know i said my previous post was gonna be my last and yes i said i wasn't gonna blog anymore, but at the behest of certain people, ive decided to postpone closing my blog. Obviously some sectors of the blogging world have a vested interest in the continuation of my blog. Call it conspiracy theory. Or call me crazy. I oughta change my blog name to Area 51 or Roswell.

Speaking of roswell, do u think its possible to OD on Smallville? Yes I'm talking about that show about Clark Kent's life before he turned into Superman and started wearing his underwear outside his pants. Lately every night has turned into a Smallville marathon with me sitting in front of the computer watching Tom welling running around saving Kristen Kreuk's life and then acting all innocent and tormented because he can't tell her the truth. Aww poor thing :*(

HAH yea right.

What do chicks see in him anyway?? Every girl ive talked to says Tom is a uber hunk. Wtf. Thats just stupid. Have u seen his acting? Its absolutely terrible!
Then again maybe im just kinda envious that I dont get to bend steel with my bare hands or make out with a hottie like Kristen (cmon u have to admit she IS yummy)

I have 4 seasons of Smallville at my disposal bwahahaha. So far Ive finished the first season and ive just started the second one. And I only started watching a couple of days ago:D

My fave character believe it or not is actually Lex Luthor. I mean seriously, how can wimpy whiny Clark kent compete with the suave and super sharp son of a multi-billionnaire tycoon that himself runs a branch of Luthorcorp just in the outskirts of Smallville? Kudos to Michael Rosenbaum for pulling off Lex (and sporting the bald head too lol).

Well i'm glad I got that off my chest.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alright then

Well its official. The summer has started and schools finally out.

It's been a while since last time I was posting due to all the final exams and presentations I've had to put myself through. Most of them went well Alhamdullilah except for my studio class. The grade he gave me was rather dissapointing. Even though I talked to him afterwards, im sure its unfair considering the amount of work and effort i put into it all. But I did much better than some of my classmates:S

So far its been a strange but interesting semester. Some pretty good things have happened. So have some not so good things. And some things that I'll probably never get over. All in all a pretty good 4 months:p No seriously its been rough not to mention exhausting. I just hope it gets better from here. Seriously. I really need the break.

I finally went to Bahrain last wednesday! Watched The Da Vinci code and Scary movie 4 at the mall over there. The Da vinci code was alright in my opinion considering there were idiots there going "tsk tsk" through out the whole movie. And Scary movie 4 wasnt as good as the last ones. But overall me and my friends had a good time.

Well I have the next 3 months to do pretty much nothing. Other than attending my classmate's wedding at the end of the month in Riyadh or watching The World Cup with my friends, there really isnt anything much to do. My msn messenger has been dead for who knows when, along with pretty much everything else on the internet nowadays. Or is it just me?

Anyways Ive decided this is gonna be my last post. Well at least for a very long time anyway. Was going to just delete the whole blog but I decided to let it stay, ya know as sort of like my mark on the blogging world or something lol. I dunno I'm just kinda sick of this blog after all this time. The stuff i post is bullshit anyway. So i'm gonna give it a rest.

Anyways take care and all the best


poor guy

Hmm and they are, aren't they:p

Friday, June 09, 2006


'The strangness of my situation....compelled me, in more ways than one. Even as I move swiftly amongst the shadowed rooftops with the cool night air whipping across my face, the memories still burn with the same intensity of the day they were made. And how they burn.

I do not want to remember. The flashes of the past return only to pierce my already battered heart, the pain unbearable. Her voice, her smile....her eyes. Her dark eyes. They were enough to break the heat of the sun and still soothe the anger of a man. They were my strength in my darkest of times. How I would love to gaze into them and be lost amongst the calm tranquility. As if time would stand still and there would only be her and I. And I thought I could make it mine.......but I was a fool. As I always am. As I always have been.

Because what I had thought was real, was not really there at all. I possessed the brashness and impatience that only a young man could have. A slave to my frustration I eventually caused the very thing I had been fearing. Her eyes no longer gazed into mine. She had turned away.
Disgusted by my flaws, her anger waxed hot. And if there is something that can rival an army, it is the anger of a woman unleashed. She no longer wished to keep company with a wretched man such as I. Her tears flowed hot like lightning from the very clouds themselves.

And just like that, everything I had hoped for shattered like so many shards of glass. I had nothing left but to pick up the pieces. Alone. Just like before.

Which brings us back here. Back to reality. Back to the shadowed rooftops with the cool night air whipping across my face. Or is it?
My gloved hand which reaches up and tentively touches the smooth masque, tells me otherwise. Ahh yes, the masque. How could have I forgotten?
Its deathly paleness and emotionless expression tells me what I have become without saying a word.

The Curse. The Flaw. The Villian.

The hate I carry for it is nothing compared to the hate I have for myself. Not even the darkness of the shadows and the night combined could rival my self-loathing. And yet here I am, bound to the system...and the masque. Which is why I wait every passing day for the person brave enough to rid the world of the curse that I am.
But until then, I must hide forevermore in the darkness alone with my obsessions and the painful memories. And to face each night haunted by the unflinching gaze of the masque.'

excerpt from T. A. Emer's
The Masque