Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to the village

Since the semester began at the start of october it was nice to see my old classmates again. Everybody talking about the crap and not so crap jobs we took over the summer. Despite the fact its good meeting them again, there are times when I wish didnt have to see them. Like for example an incident of questionable nature that went down last monday afternoon with two of my friends when I was driving them back from lunch at Dhahran mall (I'll call them A and L for our sake).

Me(driving): So L, did u get those viagra pills u needed from the pharmacy? *laughs*

L(passenger seat): Yea very funny*rolls eyes* I told you they're subscription allergy drugs.

A(back seat): I bet condoms are real cheap at that store.

*Me and L both laugh*

L: Yea knowing you, thats the only thing that interests you about a pharmacy.

Me: *grumbles* This traffic is really shitty.

*I notice that A has opened one of the car windows*

Me: Hey why are you opening the window? I already put on the AC.

L: *sniffs air* Hey do you smell that?

Me: *sniffs* Ugh yea what the hell is that?

L: Smells like...

A: *chuckles* whoops

L: You farted??! Idiot! *opens his window*

A: Yea man I couldnt control it any longer.

Me: I can't believe you just did that in the backseat of my car you jackass!

L: Yekh. You seriously need to get your bowels checked.

Me: The smells not going away. Quick! Open the glove compartment. There's an air-freshner spray.

L: *Opens glove compartment and fumbles with spray bottle*

Me: Do it already man! For the love of God, DO IT!!

*L sprays everywhere especially on A sitting in the backseat*

A: Wtf man you sprayed some in my eye!

Me: Great, it smells better now. I think you might have overdid it though.

L: Yea maybe. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

A: Drive faster man. I need to go crap really badly.

Me: If you crap in my car I'm gonna personally enslave you to Ustad Hafiz(our university Arabic & Islamiyaa teacher)

A: Then you better hurry up!

---------------- 0 --------------------

I'm still considering whether I should burn the backseat of my car just to sterilize it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008



Unbelieveable. Thats all I gotta say. Folks we have just witnessed history in the making.

Barack Obama has been elected the 44th president of the united states of america! Despite all the shit that the Bushy administration created at least I'm secure with the knowledge that the will of people comes always through in the end (ha yea right whatever).
Still....it makes me feel all proud and patriotic like. So does that mean I'm still pledging my alliegance to the red, white and blue? Not exactly. I'm still pledging alliegance with the will of my fellow americans though, I can say that much.

Of course we'll really see just how much of a statesman President Obama really is with regards to dealing with all the screw ups that this country has created in the middle east. Will there be a difference? Most likely not. But then again we'll just have to wait and see.