Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Driving in saudi arabia Part 3

If any of you can remember (which you probably won't) back in 2006 and 2008 I posted up my thoughts about the traffic situation in KSA, and classified the fascinating variety of drivers present in the kingdom. Well apparently since then I've come across some even more different & dangerous breeds of drivers.

If you haven't read them I suggest you take a look at them before proceeding.

The Drifter: Forget the speed freak and the linerider, this guy may quite possibly be the most dangerous driver on the road at the moment. Initially this individual seems to be the epitome of a normal driver. However as soon you approach him from the next lane, he will for some inexplicable reason, slowly begin to drift in your direction, onto your lane. These guys even seem to time their movements too so that when they drift onto your lane, they do so exactly at the same point where your car is intended to be. Kind of like a predatory animal stalking prey in the Serengeti. Was there a lion documentary marathon on the National Geographic channel that I wasn't aware of?
The problem is almost everybody on the road is doing it. Somebody needs to inform these idiots that the rear view mirror is there for a reason, not for trimming your nose hair or fixing your gutra in any one of your preferred 3 million combinations.

The Cellular-Man: This guy likes to keep himself connected all the time. Even when he's not taking a call. And especially when he's driving and supposed to be paying attention to the road. I suppose having the latest iphone taped to the ear gives these men a false sense of sophistication. But in the end not even your awesome bluetooth earpiece will save you from the embarrassment of having to stand in front of your wrecked beamer waiting for the police to arrive because you thought you could be Waleed bin Talal for a day.

The Car-horn Master: Not as dangerous as the above two, but sure as hell is the most annoying. Ever notice that one driver that honks his car-horn for no apparent reason? Like at a red light. Or on a road with few cars. Or when you're waiting in line at the McDonald's drive-thru. Yea thats the Car-horn Master. Legend has it that the these particular individuals are trained in the mystical art of Noise. So adept are they that no street, road, highway, or quiet neighborhood can defy their almighty power. Except for the police. And any person with a stick handy.

The Woman Driver: Oh thats right, I forgot....

The good news is that KSA now no longer holds the record of the highest traffic accident rates in the gulf. The UAE as of this year has a higher traffic accident rate according to the WHO, approximately 37.1 road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to KSA's 29.0 road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants. Which is pretty crazy when compared to Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait who have rates of 12.1, 23.7, 16.9 respectively.
I know people are trying to improve the situation in KSA, but frankly speaking, TV adverts on the dangers of car accidents, while being informative, is not going to do anything. Neither is having big bearded sheikhs on TV ruling bad driving as "haram" going to help much. If saudis want to decrease traffic accidents, then all they have to do is just improve the training in the driving schools. Yes its really that simple.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Riyadh = Major Trouble

Is it me or is it lately that whenever I update my blog I end having to start with "I'm not dead, just haven't had time to update."?

Phew been a while hasn't it? I managed to get a job at an exhibition design company working as a designer in Riyadh. Salary is pretty average but hey you gotta start somewhere right?
Why is the driving in Riyadh so atrocious? I've been here since July and its like something out of a Super Mario Kart video game. Driving in this city is literally a life and death situation. Are people really that retarded that they can't stop at a red light for 2 minutes? Which reminds me to update my list of types of drivers in KSA....

Back in april me and two friends took part in a graffiti competition in dhahran organized by Fainak. This was our entry called "D-Hazard" short for Design Hazard.

Despite all our efforts and hard work we didn't win. Because apparently we used the help of cartons, tape, and cardboard stencils we had cut and made ourselves in order to spray our work. I guess nobody told the 4 knucklehead judges (university girls) that there are no rules in graffiti. Its street art. Anything goes!

I also took the opportunity to revamp my blog a little, adding much needed graphics. The person in the noir Sin City image in the header in question, is yes indeed, yours truly. I used a picture of myself and messed around with it in Adobe photoshop & illustrator.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Guerilla Radio!

As you may have noticed I have indeed changed my blog name from the emo-ish "Insight into the mind of an Obsessive Depressive" to the more erstwhile "Guerilla Radio!". I felt it was a good time to turn a new leaf considering the fact that Ive been using the name IITMOAOD since I was 15 years old (before on the now defunct bolt.com then finally here on blogger). I needed a title that would suit my more contemporary outlook and my political interests and thus Guerilla Radio, which happens to be the name of a song by RATM, managed to fit the bill.

So my humble readers you're probably asking what exactly has Mr. Crow been up to lately. Well simply put, nothing.

Ok fine almost nothing, I finally graduated last month. I am now officially an architecture grad. Yay for me.....

Unfortunately this was probably the most fucked up time ever to graduate. Due to the economic recession jobs have virtually become an extinct species in the US, dubai, and elsewhere.

And no I dont want to work in KSA anymore. Seriously. Frankly speaking, for an architect, KSA is a good place to work only when you already have experience from somewhere else. But to start in KSA from square one? Disasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So there you have it. I really don't know what the hell I'm supposed to do. Theres a career day coming up next week so we'll see how that goes.

Lately I've started writing my fantasy novel. I'll make sure to post that up soon. I'm also researching information for my graphic novel stories. I need to brush up on my artwork however.
Btw has anybody seen that ridley scott movie Body of Lies? The movie itself was ok, nothing amazing. The acting by Dicaprio and Crowe was pretty good. However the movie was stolen by the insanely intense and smooth acting of Mark Strong as the jordanian head of intelligence Hani Salaam. This guy makes me want to wear suits all the time.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello 2009

Well here we are finally. 2009 hath cometh. How many people actually celebrated the new year? This is the first time I havent even bothered. The present crisis in Gaza pretty much overshadowed it. How am I supposed to be in a celebratory mood when people are being slaughtered over there? And the funny thing is that apparently it seems that nobody really cares. When I saw nobody I mean the arab leaders. Raising money and setting up blood drives is one thing but actually confronting the problem is another. The bottom line is....the arab leaders are cowards. Bought and tamed by their masters.

I came across a video on youtube about the philosopical arguments of whats going on in the context of Batman and The Joker. I thought it would be pretty interesting to share. And yes I do agree that the joker was right.