Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well I picked up my plane tickets yesterday from the travel agent which means I'll finally be leaving for the US on sunday night!
I'll be heading off to New Jersey first where Ill stay with my uncle for a week. And then I'll be off to Texas to meet my other uncle (aaah its so good when u have family to depend on:p).
After this I'll head off to Arizona where I'm slated to attend a 5 week workshop at Arcosanti near the city of Phoenix!
I finally decided to go this year instead of the next because, well, the founder of Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri just turned 87! Yea he's an old geezer and I wanna make sure I catch him before he decides to take his permanent trip to Davy Jones locker(Ahhrr me matey!)

Ok so maybe I was being a little mean but hey I do have a point:p

Have you ever noticed when you travel abroad to some developed nation, how friends and family give you these lists of stuff they want you to bring back for them? Hehe yea I know all toooo well.

Anyways, I still have to pack my things (havent even started), and buy any necessary stuff that I'll need to take with me plus make sure my passport and plane tickets are all in order.

I just hope I don't get jet-lag:S


lil fishy said...

ha ha *evil laugh* dream on, ull get jet lag, everyone does :D
i want stuff from the states, should i email u my list? :p better yet, how bout i just go with u :D

taqo said...

LOL @ the lists.
Bs jet lag there is ok, becuase you get over it fast, since theres all ways soo much to do and what not.
I hardly ever feel it.
But when I get back to hits me HARD.
Will probably be the same case with you. 3l 3umoom..HAVE FUN!

SunShine said...

Personal tip (may or may not work with you!):

Sleep on the plane when flying west. Don't sleep flying back east. Generally, don't sleep when you arrive. Force yourself to follow a normal schedule the day you arrive =) Hope it helps!

ren_crow said...

Lil fishy
Aww sure hun, why not? As long as u can reserve a seat that is;)

I dont want to be hit hard by jet-lag *ow*.
Thanks, hope u have fun in DC!

Hmm is it safe to call this 'The sunshine theory'?:p
Well ya know it isnt exactly easy to not fall asleep as ill be spending 5 hours just going to frankfurt first and then another 3 to NY.
Nonetheless I'll try it out. Thanks for the tips!

miss_ch said...

nothin much 2 say on the subject.....hmmmmm
when r u leaving?

SunShine said...

I checked out the link to know what is Arcosanti. I'm impressed!! It sounds extremely interesting =) Tell us more about the workshop you are taking. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures!

ren_crow said...

miss ch
Im leaving after midnight on the 9th july saturday(which is today!)

Yea it is a one of a kind thing, isnt it.
Don't worry I got it covered. The workshop starts on July 23rd, so you can expect to see alot of pics

ace said...

Dam, ren i came to late to give you my list your already gone. Inshalla you'll come on your blog when your there although i doubt it *fingers crossed*