Wednesday, June 14, 2006


YES i know i said my previous post was gonna be my last and yes i said i wasn't gonna blog anymore, but at the behest of certain people, ive decided to postpone closing my blog. Obviously some sectors of the blogging world have a vested interest in the continuation of my blog. Call it conspiracy theory. Or call me crazy. I oughta change my blog name to Area 51 or Roswell.

Speaking of roswell, do u think its possible to OD on Smallville? Yes I'm talking about that show about Clark Kent's life before he turned into Superman and started wearing his underwear outside his pants. Lately every night has turned into a Smallville marathon with me sitting in front of the computer watching Tom welling running around saving Kristen Kreuk's life and then acting all innocent and tormented because he can't tell her the truth. Aww poor thing :*(

HAH yea right.

What do chicks see in him anyway?? Every girl ive talked to says Tom is a uber hunk. Wtf. Thats just stupid. Have u seen his acting? Its absolutely terrible!
Then again maybe im just kinda envious that I dont get to bend steel with my bare hands or make out with a hottie like Kristen (cmon u have to admit she IS yummy)

I have 4 seasons of Smallville at my disposal bwahahaha. So far Ive finished the first season and ive just started the second one. And I only started watching a couple of days ago:D

My fave character believe it or not is actually Lex Luthor. I mean seriously, how can wimpy whiny Clark kent compete with the suave and super sharp son of a multi-billionnaire tycoon that himself runs a branch of Luthorcorp just in the outskirts of Smallville? Kudos to Michael Rosenbaum for pulling off Lex (and sporting the bald head too lol).

Well i'm glad I got that off my chest.


SunShine said...

Glad you had a change of heart =)

ren_crow said...

Well, somebody convinced me to keep it;)

Mochness said...

Good thing you're still staying :)

ace said...

I've got a good idea who that soemone is. lol.