Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hehe i remember watching this show back in 10th grade. Kind of made me think of what exactly would happen if I got into college or grad school. Would I go through the kind of things felicity went through? Now that I AM in that stage I realized its not as dramatic as I thought it would have been like, in context with friends, ex BF's (non-existent GF's in my case), and her problems with choosing the right college major (hint: Do NOT take pre-med. You'll just break up with the love of your life, proceed to cut your hair off and look like some dumb english school teacher from those black & white Charlie Chaplin films).
Then again who am I to say that if I had gone to college in the states instead that I wouldnt be going through that kind of drama?

........ok thats just starting to sound a little too girly-ish for my comfort. I think i'll grow a beard.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm not dead. Just fried like a zombie.

Ok before I say anything i'd like to say:

1. Eid Mubarak
2. Merry Christmas
3. Happy new year 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Krispy Kreme finally opened here in shargiya
5. Happy Mother's day
6. Happy Valentines day.......actually scratch that, its a bullshit holiday
7. Happy Easter
8. I got married :) .......................

...................yea April Fools ya fools!

Anyways, my new semester started in February, and so has my senior project. Which is why i havent been on the blogs much. Which is a really lame excuse because ive been spamming the hell out of facebook. But you get my drift right?
This is my second last semester and the last semester in which i have my studio classes. One more semester and I will graduate and be officially outta here!