Thursday, October 04, 2007

Summer, Bahrain, Procrastination

Didn't think not blogging for 4 months would have left these many cobwebs on my blog. But anyways, Yes the one and only Mr. Ren is back from the dead..........yet again.......mwahaha (hust trying to ghet into the halloween mood here). You're just gonna have to blame facebook for this. I'm innocent.

Well alot of stuff has happened and come to pass since my last post. Namely the summer training/internship/torture that I managed to survive through. Ok it wasnt torture, but it wasnt as great as I thought. I got into a design office in Khobar called VADO which stands for Vision Architectural Design Office. Lol no shit? Even though its not the largest design office, it however does recieve most of the commercial projects in Al-Shargiya. They were also the ones who designed the landscaping for Khobar corniche & Dammam corniche. so that was kinda cool. The general manager/head architect was a pretty decent guy. A bit demanding at times, but in general he was nice.
However its not the work, or the amount of work which bothered me......its just the actual sitting in an office for like 10 hours for 5 or 6 days a week (depending on the work load) which bugged me. It is SOO boring. I cant stand it. I was destined to move and wander around (as is explicitly apparent from the meaning of my arabic name, which unknown to my parents who gave it to me in the first place, is what I would be doing for the latter part of most of my life).

Tres creepy, non?

Anyways besides the internship, my summer was also the season for Bahrain! Im sure alot of people have heard of the notoriusly amusing stories of saudi shabab going to bahrain and getting drunk or harassing girls. Well this is where it all happens.
Of course I dont go to get drunk. I dont drink, nor do I plan on drinking. I go for what most guys I know go for. The Movies ;)
And since I live in Khobar, it takes like what......40-60 minutes maximum to drive there? Which is why its usually reserved for a weekend thing. Though one must be careful. It does take its toll on your bank I so unabashedly found out.

Procrastination should be categorized as a degenerative disease. Seriously. Its one thing to be lazy, but its a totally other thing when you're scrambling to finally do assignments like an hour before its due because you were too dumb to do it in the 2 weeks that you had *grumbles*.
I really need to start praying more taraweeh. Now that we finally got our ramadan vacations starting since yesterday, I should have no problems praying the extra mile. Hope everybody's ramadan is going well. Inshallah you will gain great barakah from this most holiest of months. Why, if you like i'll even make du'aa for all of you. Yes I'm that nice.

*waits patiently for someone to send baklawah to his house for iftar

Friday, May 11, 2007

Its all about science, mom!

Mom: Just look at your room! Its a mess!

Me: Hey, Its not that bad

Mom: Not that bad?! Astghfirullah! You're a senior college student and you can't even take care of yourself?

Me: Hey i'm a busy guy. Besides, its just a couple of shirts and jeans on the bed...and my desk and chair but thats all. No problem.

Mom: Oh? And for what reason do we have closets?

Me: Because it's a good place to store my guitar?:p

Mom: No sir, so you can hang your clothes nice and properly instead turning them into cloth balls like this *points to random bundle of clothes on the bed*

Me: Its not like anyone is gonna see. Nobody comes into my room anyways.

Mom: So what about when you get married? Whats your wife gonna say when she sees you cant even keep yourself tidy?

Me: Uhmm err ahh *quickly tries to change subject* actually theres a scientific reason for why my room is messy.

Mom: Like what...

Me: I rememeber reading in my high school physics book about the Law of Entropy. It says that disorder is the natural state of the universe. Anything that is in order will eventually turn to disorder. So theres really no point in cleaning up my room because it'll just get messy all over again. I can show you the chapter in the book if you like.

Mom: .............that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Who made up that theory?

Me: Uhmm I'm not sure. Cant rememeber.

Mom: Yea he must have been a slob just like you. Now fix up this room!


So the moral of the story is..........well actually there is no moral. Basically I'm a junkie.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hail the procrastinator

soundtracked by Sarah Mclachlan - fallen

OKAY so yea i know said i was gonna update my blog over the weekend. But as always something came up and I had to.......hey whoa! *dodges crowd of angry stick waving blog readers* ....stop! take it easy! Gimme a break already.

Actually I didnt even know I had fans. I personally think my blog is full of useless crap not worth reading......but theres actually people who LIKE reading it. I know it sounds crazy, but its true! Hmm I suppose this is somehow the remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of my blog. It is truely the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of architectural precision. While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control. And the reason which has led you, inexorably, here.

Yea whatever

Anyways last week was horrendous. I had to prepare for my final presentation for my project. So being the genius I am (emphasis on genius) I ended up working almost 3 days straight without sleep (however i managed squeeze in 3 hours of sleep somewhere along the line), and I STILL didnt get everything done. Damn im good. Hail the procrastinator indeed.If only you could have seen me during that 3 day period. Ahh yes I was a blubbering blurry-eyed unshaven greasy-haired mess of a monkey.
I need as much practice as i can get with my last studio project for the semester because of the fact that I'll be doing my internship/training this summer. And I dont wanna screw up. Unfortunately......due to the inherent unbalanced equation i mentioned above, screwing up may be unavoidable....and thus inevitable.

Speaking of screwing up...ive been feeling pretty screwed up lately. For the first time in a very long time, ive started to feel.........lonely. I guess being a good unfoolish little boy for the past 7 years is seriously starting to take its toll on me. Besides, is it me.....or do girls in this country like u as long ure some fugly chain-smoking crazy assed lunatic? Well apparently it seems that way. What does a man have to do to socialize but still keeping his dignity intact? He stays on the internet 24/7 thats what he does lol. I guess the problem is i'm not like those desperate guys who are always looking for some relationship in order to keep them to mentally stable (unlike some guys i know:p).

I know ure probably thinking "well gee thats a good thing!". But the hard truth is that those half-assed shabab that go running around after girls....are the ones that eventually hook up with some. I'm sort of a loner by nature. U in those movies. The only thing is, in the movies they're either reluctant heroes or complete psychos:I personally think dating is kinda....corny. Of course I wouldnt know anything about it cuz I havent been in one, but u know...u can make an educated guess.


Spider-man 3 opened up this week in theaters across the states! How many of you actually used to read the comic books before the movies came out? I know I did. Hmm i'll make a note of driving to bahrain on one of these weekends...

On a serious note, I want to give my condolences to the family of the people who were killed in Virginia Tech last month. I remember visiting Blacksburg occaisonly as a kid because my dad was doing his phD at VT at the time. Seriously sucks how people can just get up and murder a while lot of people because they think their life sucks. Deal with it!

Anyways verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose so I will thus bid you all adieu.

Oh btw, rememeber I said I would show u all my dubai pics? Well uhhh....due to a technical problem it seems that............... *dodges crowd of angry sword wielding blog readers* will you all just chill out? I have some other pics to show you. For all the people who know me on facebook, this is will be nothing new. But for the sake of the crazy sword wielding bloggers, I have generously provided the link to my photo album on facebook. Enjoy!

enter your doom

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dude I love your shirt

Well well well guess where I was off to during this past weekend(thats Thursday and Friday in Saudia just in case u didnt know)? The one and only Dubai!
What was i doing in dubai u ask? Why i was getting ready to attend the Dubai Desert Rock Festival, the first day which took place on friday(Mar 9th). One word: AWESOME!

The line-up for the first day was Junkyard Groove, Lauren Harris, Mastodon, In Flames, Stone Sour, The Prodigy, and the one and only Iron Maiden! Of course if u're female the chances of you knowing any of these bands is highly slim, even though given that there were tons of girls at the concert.
But dont worry ladies, all your lame sappy bands were on the second day mainly being Robert Plant, The Bravery, Prime Circle, and Incubus(Ok ill make an exception with incubus).

Anywayz, it was me and four other guys, A and N who were friends in uni and the fourth guy Z who was their friend from Riyadh. We decided to not to take a plane to dubai cuz they were on a tight budget as it is so we made a plan to drive there in A's car which was btw a stylish nifty Saab 93 convertible. Oh yeaaa. A bit cramped but it was alright.
I was the one who made the hotel arrangements. I never realized just how expensive Dubai could be until i started hotel shopping. Cuz the room prices were nutz! Fortunately I booked through a travel agent and he found us a better deal than I could ever find on the net.

We decided to leave early on Thursday morning and after a 5 hours of driving and blaring heavy metal music on the car stereo, we reached the UAE border checkpoint. We could have gotten there sooner if we didnt get stopped along the way by some idiot cop. We werent even speeding or anything. Eventually we had to follow him to some dumb police station in the middle of nowhere where we discovered that him and the police chief of that station were the only two people there!

When we asked the chief why we were stopped he didnt give us an immediate answer. Eventually he made up some excuse about us not respecting police officers on duty, after which he let us go. But we figured out why they stopped us. They were just plain bored outta their skulls.

Anywayz we reached the border checkpoint and after doing the necessary arrangements we were finally allowed into UAE. We still had a good 4 hours drive ahead of us to Dubai. At that point it really didnt look too much different from Saudia (except more cleaner). 4 hours later we finally reached the outskirts of Dubai only to discover that we had just gotten ourselves stuck in a traffic jam on Shiekh Zayed road! Dammnit!

We must hav stayed for like an hour just on that road. At least one of us was having fun. N was busy pointing out all the "muzaas" in the surrounding cars lol. Welcome to dubai ya wierdo.

So we finally got outta the jam but our journey was far from over. We still had to find the damn hotel! The name of of the hotel was the Grand Moov hotel on Moqqarabaat st. in Rigga district. Or at least that was what was written by the travel agent. So after an hour of driving around asking clueless indian taxi drivers ("Gaaraanda mooov hotel? ahh yes u take right turn here*he was pointing left*), I remembered I had a phone number so I gave them a ring. I discovered first of all it's not on Moqqarabat St, its on Rigga street! The dumb travel agent got the address mixed up!

Eventually we found our way to the hotel and were pleasantly surprised to find out that even though its a 3-star hotel, it looked like a 4-star or even 5-star! What a relief. It must have been around midnight that we finally settled in and we decided to go out and eat something. fortunately there were loads of restaurants nearby at walking distance. Some were already closed but a few were opened. We decided to go eat at Nando's, after which we went over and ate some ice cream at Haagen Daz.

The next morning we got up and and got ready. Today was the big day, the day of the concert bwahahaha! We checked out of the hotel and drove our way to the Mall of Emirates. Man that place is freakin huge! We went guitar shopping for a while and then had lunch at the food court over there. Now the time had finally come. We had to make our way to the Dubai Country Club. So we drove there with the roof of A's convertible car drawn back enjoying the great weather.

The concert started with Junkyard Groove and then Lauren Harris as opening acts. Eventually as the other bands started playing things started getting rowdy with guys moshing like crazy. I was in the crowd near the front and it started getting hectic! I was getting squashed like a bug. People even starting throwing bottles of water and cans of beer up into the air. I must have gotten like 20 cans of beer spilled over my shirt because of that:S
Speaking of beer, what kinda dissapointed me was seeing guys who i KNOW are from saudi guzzling down beer by the bucketloads. Fortunately the guys I was with werent like that.
Eventually Mastodon came up, and then In Flames, followed by Stone Sour and then The Prodigy. Needless to say the crowd went nutz.
Last but not least Iron Maiden came up, the headliners of the concert. The singer was a really nice guy. They finished and left the stage but the crowd kept shouting for more. So they came back and played not one, not two but three extra songs! how about that eh? Up the Irons!

Oh btw. Three different people came up to me and told me they liked my shirt and thought it was awesome. Lol huh? I dont know what was up with that. I was wearing a black t-shirt with the new "Tool 10,000 days" logo which I bought in the states during the summer (Tool is the name of a band, "10,000 days" being their latest album).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Aaaalrighty then

After much constant nagging from the female half (i know its much more than that) of the blogosphere i have decided to write another post (ta-da!)
I was busy with exams and projects so i literally could not find time to make another one of my insightful blog entries that all you kids seem to enjoy so much *fake smile*


anyways, since my last post alot of things have happened........Like me finally losing my virginity..........


I'm just kidding u fools. I'm still a fully certified virgin. And the way things are going thats probably solid for the next 30 years or so.

Anyways like i was saying alot of things have happened such as:

1. Saddam hussien getting hanged. I cant say he didnt deserve it. Then why do i feel kinda sorry for the old man? It might have something to do with the fact that he was hanged on the morning of Eid (which moron came up with that bright idea?). Unfortunately the whole mess smacks of double standards. He SHOULD have been tried in a impartial criminal court like in The Hague, but of course we all know when the americans are involved in anything, things tend to get a tad screwy.

2. Happy new year! 2007 came in a breeze and is in danger of going out like 2006. Whoop de doo.

3. People started complaining that alot of the young female spectators at the Saudi arabia soccer matches were *gasp* uncovered. Yes, they were unveiled!! How outrageous is that!!!?? :p

4. The miracle of facebook is actually a curse. Just how i got myself involved with this dangerous phenomenon is unclear. Apparently it seems i was under the impression that it was just a harmless network site from where i could keep in touch with friends overseas. Apparently it seems.... i was decieved.........hmmm

5. I've finally started taking graffiti seriously. Before it was just a hobbie i'd do sometimes. But now i've decided to practice non-stop and then eventually became a menace to the Maintanence department and to every flat surface in the university.

6. YouTube is as addictive as it is entertaining. Thanks again for making yet another one of my boring mundane days, less so.

7. I'm meeting with other guys who are actually serious about making a band. This is good considering i was supposed to make a band earlier with some other guy who never called back after we talked about it over the phone...........................the bastard.

8. Ive learned the hard way that people dont give a shit about anything that doesnt neccesarily involve them. If you want to get things done you have to do it yourself.
"A man makes his own way. nobody gives it to you. You have to take it".
Couldnt have put it better myself.

9. Celldweller is an awesome band. And thats all you need to know.

10. I'm so hungry right now. But I've gained a bit of weight (from scarfing down all that pizza, no doubt) so no food for me today.

Well how about that. A lucky 10! I should get a kiss for that. No in fact i should get 10 kisses for that. Because i'm a man. And men deserved to be kissed. Cuz i'm cool like that.

stop laughing.