Thursday, October 04, 2007

Summer, Bahrain, Procrastination

Didn't think not blogging for 4 months would have left these many cobwebs on my blog. But anyways, Yes the one and only Mr. Ren is back from the dead..........yet again.......mwahaha (hust trying to ghet into the halloween mood here). You're just gonna have to blame facebook for this. I'm innocent.

Well alot of stuff has happened and come to pass since my last post. Namely the summer training/internship/torture that I managed to survive through. Ok it wasnt torture, but it wasnt as great as I thought. I got into a design office in Khobar called VADO which stands for Vision Architectural Design Office. Lol no shit? Even though its not the largest design office, it however does recieve most of the commercial projects in Al-Shargiya. They were also the ones who designed the landscaping for Khobar corniche & Dammam corniche. so that was kinda cool. The general manager/head architect was a pretty decent guy. A bit demanding at times, but in general he was nice.
However its not the work, or the amount of work which bothered me......its just the actual sitting in an office for like 10 hours for 5 or 6 days a week (depending on the work load) which bugged me. It is SOO boring. I cant stand it. I was destined to move and wander around (as is explicitly apparent from the meaning of my arabic name, which unknown to my parents who gave it to me in the first place, is what I would be doing for the latter part of most of my life).

Tres creepy, non?

Anyways besides the internship, my summer was also the season for Bahrain! Im sure alot of people have heard of the notoriusly amusing stories of saudi shabab going to bahrain and getting drunk or harassing girls. Well this is where it all happens.
Of course I dont go to get drunk. I dont drink, nor do I plan on drinking. I go for what most guys I know go for. The Movies ;)
And since I live in Khobar, it takes like what......40-60 minutes maximum to drive there? Which is why its usually reserved for a weekend thing. Though one must be careful. It does take its toll on your bank I so unabashedly found out.

Procrastination should be categorized as a degenerative disease. Seriously. Its one thing to be lazy, but its a totally other thing when you're scrambling to finally do assignments like an hour before its due because you were too dumb to do it in the 2 weeks that you had *grumbles*.
I really need to start praying more taraweeh. Now that we finally got our ramadan vacations starting since yesterday, I should have no problems praying the extra mile. Hope everybody's ramadan is going well. Inshallah you will gain great barakah from this most holiest of months. Why, if you like i'll even make du'aa for all of you. Yes I'm that nice.

*waits patiently for someone to send baklawah to his house for iftar