Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Riyad bank

Well here i am again. i havent slept the whole night and now its the 12:30 in the afternoon.

Which is why im kinda in a daze at the moment.

Somebody really needs to check up on the bank system in this country. After i couldnt withdraw cash from the ATM because my ID had expired, i was up and ready to go to Riyad bank and sort the stupid mess out. Lucky me, i got there an hour early. The bank didnt open until 9.

So to kill time i decided to go to dunkin' donuts and have some breakfast(which itself is extraordinary since i usually dont have breakfast). Its amazing what the smell of freshly baked donuts and coffee can do a person when they're feeling woozy from lack of sleep.

Anyways when I got back to the bank, there were only a couple of people sitting there waiting to see the guy at the Sales & services desk. I thought to myself 'no big deal, ill be finished in no time'.

Would u believe it, it took me nearly 2 hours just waiting until I could see the fool behind the desk, for something that takes 10 minutes max to fix!
The bank employee's lack of efficiency wouldnt have bothered me as much as the fact that they would immediately start concentrating their efforts for some idiotic friend of their's who manage to walk in every 15 minutes. "Yallah get the chai" they would yell to the asian guy who works there, while they reminisce over what happened 3 years ago.

Wtf. How abt a little respect for the people who have been waiting an hour or so to see your sorry ass so they could fix their problems? But noooo....


SunShine said...

Why did you keep quiet? COMPLAIN. The concept of good customer service in KSA is alien to us. However, we will get there eventually.

Do speak up and tell them you have been waiting and that you are a client here and if they don't want your business here, you will take it elsewhere!

Mochness said...
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ren_crow said...

Yea i know i should have. But i wasnt exactly feeling myself due to lack of sleep. Just wasnt in the mood to make alot of noise.
I don't know exactly how far it would have gotten me if i did complain.

Yea it's a riot isn't it:p

Fo0f said...

Reading the title of this post was just too much de ja vous.

You should've using Riyad online system or the Riyad Phone, I know how going to the branch is a big waste of time. Just try getting ur online passwords and u'll never need to go to the branch, if you need help in that, drop me a line and i'll ring my friends in Interenet banking to help :)