Thursday, June 19, 2008


Things I need to do this summer:

1. Practice using 3D studio max

2. Practice graffiti

3. Improve my guitar skills

4. Join a band

5. Lose some weight

6. Work out at the gym

7. Get laid (im kidding)

8. Get drunk (im kidding again)

9. Get high (ok i'll stop)

10. Brush up on my illustration and graphic design skills

11. Somehow get the Unreal Tournament 3 engine and map editor (along with the game)

12. Study through the big textbook on architectural sustainability issues.

13. Check out everything the library in the jam3ah has on "Anamorphism".

14. Start writing story and developing concept and character designs for graphic novel.

15. Start developing character designs for future 3D animated episodes.

16. Get a job.

17. Get a life.

18. Get a woman! Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! lol

.....Its gonna be a busy summer. I gotta get ready for those two interviews too. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Its Friday the 13th

No wonder I don't feel so good.

Speaking of which, when that happens I usually go on youtube and watch the music vid for that song "hulm romancy" by hamad al amri al wasmi or whatever his face is called.
I dunno theres something upbeat about that song, makes you feel like its Eid all over again. And of course I just find something hilarious about two grown men singing about the wet dream they had, and not to mention the group of women wearing white gowns in the vid showcased like they were a herd of sheep wandering around the place. Ahahahaha sweet.