Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When women can be extremely scary

Well it's 7 in the morning and im listening to heavy metal music as I type my latest entry. Besides thinking of the scrambled eggs, toast, croissant and tea which I'm considering to have for breakfast, what else is there for a good man to do?
Read a good blog of course. Something like this for example

I pinched this one off of Natasha's blog. Her description basically sums up wat ure about to read:

>>"Allow me to sum it up: Last month, on advice from her best friend, Emily began writing this blog to vent her frustrations about life in general. However, about a week ago, she discovered her husband was cheating on her- with that same best friend! Now, she is devoting her blog to "14 days of vengeance" and you won't believe the lengths she's gone to.
It's disgusting, but I can't not read it. I'll be interested to hear discussion of it in the comments."<<



ace said...

Ooooh, ohmigod she's evil. But who knows I might do the same thing if i was in her postion. Looooool @her blog.

ace said...

actually I take that back (the more i read of her blog). i wouldn't go to the lenghts of this woman, she has issues,seriously.

beejay™ said...

lol...she's crazy but i like her! this should show the guy to never ever cheat again or beware the lunatic lady..and teach other cheaters or those about to cheat a lesson as to NOT do so, or again, beware the lunatic lady! lol
i wish i had the lunacy in me but i dont..
in her defence, she must have really loved the guy to be this hurt and anguished as to go this far..i really feel for her..i understand what she's going through..

on a lighter note, i loved ur blog!
i read ur, what R u?? lol ;P ur my age, so i bet u know all my friends there..

ren_crow said...

well ya know hun, theres this saying that goes: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Thanks I'm flattered. Glad u liked it.
What am I u ask? Hmm I've been asking myself that for the past 22 years!:p

beejay™ said...

lol..what,ur some sort of creature ya3ni? lol long as u can play the guitar..