Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ramadan Kareem!

Ahhh tis' the season to get fat on delicious iftar food. And to do some good deeds(for once!)


Black Orchid said...

Happy Ramadaaaaan

dude right now i'm sooooo hungry:S
still 2 hours left for 2athan!!

taqo said...

Right back to ya!
I'm about to go to the grocery store :D

ace said...

happy ramadan to you too!!! I know its so weird how people put on weight in Ramadan, i don't think i'm one of them, although my mum says i have.

FilmGirl said...

Happy Ramadhan To You Too ..

I thought Ramadhan was the chance for me to loose some weight, get healthier..

Bas it isnt workin that way !!
Ya3ni Sib7an Allah We'll All Gain Weight At This Rate !
Bas Y'athen Hojoooooooooom 3al Akil!

J. Cutie said...

Lol @ FilmGirl! :)
It's everywhere then!!! mo bs e7na elly k2ennana fe maja3a!!... lol

Ramadan Kareem 4 u 2 dude:)

ren_crow said...

Yea tell me abt it....

Grocery store, eh? U had better not try pulling that stunt u did last time. Armed robbery is very unbecoming of an interior designer:p

Really? Come over to my place and ill see if u really gained weight;)
Astaghfirallah im fasting!!:0

Yea u definitely need to lay off the kabsa and the baklava:p
(btw send me some if u have any left)

(I'm gonna pretend I understood what u typed in arabic) Ahahhahaha wallah min jed!

J. Cutie said...

Good for you! :P
Ahhhaaahhhaa walla men jed :P

~ getting childish out of hunger :S

FilmGirl said...

if you have any left <<-- Ha Ha HAAAAAAAA :P
Good one:P

Fo0f said...

Ramadan Kareem Raheel :)

ren_crow said...

U too foof;)