Wednesday, August 30, 2006

G'day pardner

Yes I know I havent posted anything for most of my stay here in the states. Its because I'm a lazy bum. So there.

Anyways I already finished my workshop in Arcosanti (in Arizona) on Friday the 25th. Right now I'm hanging out with my uncle in El Paso, Texas. The bad thing is, the internet connection is completely non-existant in the house for some strange reason, therefore making forcing me to find a different alternative. Which is why I'm in the public library right now, sitting in front of a computer as I type. Of course they have a time limit on how long you can use their computers which is why imtryingtotypedamnfastandkeepingmysentencesbriefandtothepoint. Don't worry I have tons of stories to tell AND pics to back it up (well mostly anyway). Oh did I mention about my trip to the The Family Values Tour concert in Phoenix on Friday the 18th?........hehehe

Thats gonna have to be done when I get back to saudia on the 2nd of September Inshallah. And hey, you probably wouldnt have even visited my blog by that time so its all good;)

........Hold up. The saudi customs make a big deal if u bring CD's into the country, right? *peers at shopping bag full of CDs*......ahh shit.

P.S. Watch out for the ice cream truck (more on that later) ;)


Black Orchid said...

nope they don't make a big deal about bringing cd's (anymore) cuz i brought tones of cd's and dvd's with me and they didn't say anything!

ren_crow said...

hey that was fast. nice:)

Well ok fair enough but do they trust single guys travelling by themselves as much as single women? You can never underestimate the Custom's level of paranoia.

Taqo said...

Yea..they've become really passive about checking lugguage and stuff.
CD's are safe.
And is there a pic at the top of this post?
If so, Us people in saudi cant see shit =s

"Watch out for the ice cream truck"

What? Did you get hit by one or something? lol.

ace said...

Glad to c ur still alive. You'll be fine with ur cd's, the realised there was no point making a fuss about it.

Fo0f said...

~interested to hear ur stories, come back safe ;)
(The only trick with CDs, don't over do it =P, which I think you did)

SunShine said...

Just make sure the CDs don't have anything controversial (religious symbols) or nudity and you will be fine =)

Looking forward to hear more about the workshop!