Monday, September 18, 2006

And so on we trudge

I understand my post about my stay at Arcosanti is long overdue and by this time all you who visit my blog have probably lost all hope of me ever posting about it.
But fear not me scalleywags, because patience is the key to great a many thing, ahhrr! Except of course when it comes to waiting in line at banks, because those scurvey fools have the intellect of boiled seawater slugs (no offence Foof:p).
Besides, Capt. R always keeps his word. Unless thou were to bribe him with Dominoe's pizza. Hardy har har.

Anyways I got back to Saudi shortly after the start of this month and resumed classes last week. So far its been interesting, using the knowledge I gained during my stay in the US to go about designing at a different angle. It was nice to see my old classmates again. However there are times when I wish didnt have to see them.
Like for example an incident that went down last monday afternoon with two of my friends when I was driving them back from lunch at Dhahran mall (I'll call them Abe and Lou for our sake):

Me(driving): So Lou, did u get those contraceptive pills u needed from the pharmacy? *laughs*
Lou(passenger seat): Yea very funny*rolls eyes* I told you they're subscription drugs.
Abe(back seat): I bet condoms are real cheap at that store.
*Me and Lou both laugh*
Lou: Yea knowing you, thats probably the only thing that interests you about a pharmacy.
Me: *grumbles* This traffic is really shitty.
*I notice that Abe has opened one of the car windows*
Me: Hey man, why are you opening the window? I already put the air-con on.
Lou: *sniffs air* Hey do you smell that?
Me: *sniffs* Ugh yea what the hell is that? Smells like....
Abe: *chuckles* whoops
Lou: You farted??! Idiot! *opens his window*
Abe: Yea man I couldnt control it any longer.
Me: I can't believe you just did that in the backseat of my car!
Lou: You seriously need to get your bowels checked.
Me: The smells not going away. Quick! Open the glove compartment. There's an air-freshner spray.
Lou: *Opens glove compartment and fumbles with spray bottle*
Me: Do it already man! For the love of God, DO IT!!
*Lou sprays everywhere especially on Abe sitting in the backseat*
Abe: Wtf man you sprayed some in my eye!
Me: Great, it smells better now. I think you might have overdid it though.
Lou: Yea maybe. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
Abe: Drive faster man. I need to go crap really badly.
Me: If you crap in my car I'm gonna personally enslave you to Ustaz Hafiz(our university Arabic & Islamiyaa teacher)
Abe: Then you better hurry up!

I'm still considering whether I should burn the backseat of my car just to sterilize it. Maybe boiled seawater slugs might help.


beejay™ said...

looooooooool :P!! seriously, go buy some anti-bacterial bottle and spill it all over the backseat..eww!
lol :P

and happy belated b-day!

lil fishy said...
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ace said...

I would have ejected him out of my car faster than light. Made him take a taxi home. lol.

Ren can u tell us the icecream van story, come on, ur trying to get something out of us before u do, right?

neko said...


good one.

you could always just have the backseat replaced?

ren_crow said...

ahh its ok i think ill just go ahead and burn it. Thanks!

comment deleted

well there isnt exactly a story attached to it, but dnt worry ill get to it.

naah like i told bj, im just gonna go ahead and burn it bwahaha