Saturday, October 07, 2006

Big brother

I'm sure all those people who read my blog have brothers and sisters too. And I'm sure there always is some sibling fighting or rivalry of some sort. And I'm sure u always say it was "her fault" or "his fault".

But I'm gonna admit something. Its usually "my fault". Bwahahahahaha

Yes I have siblings too. I'm the eldest of three kids. The other two being my younger brother and sister. Now all of u who are first-born like me understand that we are given the power of greater age and experience over our younger siblings. Which gives us the privelige to mess around with them.

For example, I remember long ago when me and my brother were kids, I decided to tell him his "true origins":

Me: "Hey come here, u wanna know a secret?"
Him: "Ok what is it?"
Me: "You're not really human"
Him: "Huh?"
Me: "Yep. You heard me. You're not a real human like me"
Him: "But if I'm not human than what am I?"
Me: "You're..........................................a horse-mutant"
Him: "Horse-mutant?"
Me: "Thats right. You were born to a horse on this farm. The farmer went into the stable to see the new baby horse, but instead he saw you. You were all mutated and freaky. He got so disgusted that he took you and threw you up as hard as he could. You flew up far into the sky. Then you started falling down down down, until you finally landed in a hospital, and somehow got mistaken for my brother."
Him: "...................................Yeah right"
Me: "Right. I know I'm right"
Him: "Well if thats true then why hasnt mom told me anything about it?"
Me: "Thats 'cuz she doesnt want you to know anything about it. Go ahead and try asking her. She won't tell you"
Him: "Well......if I'm like a horse-mutant then how come I don't look like one"
Me: "Thats because you had plastic surgery"
Him: "Oh. Oh man."

Needless to say that kept him wondering for a couple of years until he grew mature enough to understand that his hands actually do not look like hooves.

Ahh fun years:p


Stylish-girl said...

thatz so mean!!!
ma oldest bros and sis..always used 2 do that 2 me!! HMPH


Stylish-girl said...
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lil fishy said...

loool, ur just evil.and couldnt u think up a better story? my bro told me that our parents found me in the garbage so they took me in :|

Stylish-girl said...

they told me a 7ajja was my mom..and i was takrooniya....and my uncle assisted them saying: we found u near the mosque...i wud get pissed and cry

Stylish-girl said...

oh and i was takrooniya (but why i aint black) cuz they cleaned me with clorex!!!

Black Orchid said...

ana my sis used to tell me that they found me on the street and that my "real" mother has abandoned me, so they felt sorry for me and took me in :P:P

Bissa said...

i heart you for admitting that it's YOUR fault :P

A HEROINE said...

How mean !!!

Well, if it's any consilation for your brother, I was told by my brother that I was a toy at a toy shop (yeah, I know) and that I was bought ONLY for him to be entertained. And if I failed at doing that, I will be sent back and they would buy HIM a new one.

PS, I was a little four year old.

mothers day comes along, I paint my dear mommy a picture and say, mama, thank you for buying me ... I love you ... (awww, I used to believe everything he told me as u can already tell)

And then, the truth unfolds, and there was light.

But trust me, my brother was the most evil inventive little demon child there ever was :P Ther stories, oh man the stories, infamous I tell you.

We changed alot but people still remember what he used to do to me, he finds it funny, which is a bit scary... I guess he still has little evil somewhere deep inside, ready to emerge (quoting him!)