Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello 2009

Well here we are finally. 2009 hath cometh. How many people actually celebrated the new year? This is the first time I havent even bothered. The present crisis in Gaza pretty much overshadowed it. How am I supposed to be in a celebratory mood when people are being slaughtered over there? And the funny thing is that apparently it seems that nobody really cares. When I saw nobody I mean the arab leaders. Raising money and setting up blood drives is one thing but actually confronting the problem is another. The bottom line is....the arab leaders are cowards. Bought and tamed by their masters.

I came across a video on youtube about the philosopical arguments of whats going on in the context of Batman and The Joker. I thought it would be pretty interesting to share. And yes I do agree that the joker was right.



ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i love the joker =)

the vid is really cool =)

Faten said...

there is no celebration mood indeed!!!
love joker too!

libero anima said...

hmm didn't celebrate either .. i never do actually =p

SKITTLES said...

wut would you do abt Gaza if you were an arab leader? i'm curious :-o

A said...

I was most drawn in by the philosophical arguments between Joker as an "agent of chaos" and Batman/Harvey Dent as the order and control needed to counterbalance that. Then, at the end, there was an interesting bit about the roles of hero and villain that are needed in society.

A said...

Check this article :

ren_crow said...

yea heath did a great job.


ok lol

Stop the oil.

True. Thanks for the link.

eshda3wa said...

i was in bed
i looked at my watch at noticed its 12 10 or something

and said happy new year out loud and went back to whatever it is i was doing

jasmine said...