Sunday, November 15, 2009

Riyadh = Major Trouble

Is it me or is it lately that whenever I update my blog I end having to start with "I'm not dead, just haven't had time to update."?

Phew been a while hasn't it? I managed to get a job at an exhibition design company working as a designer in Riyadh. Salary is pretty average but hey you gotta start somewhere right?
Why is the driving in Riyadh so atrocious? I've been here since July and its like something out of a Super Mario Kart video game. Driving in this city is literally a life and death situation. Are people really that retarded that they can't stop at a red light for 2 minutes? Which reminds me to update my list of types of drivers in KSA....

Back in april me and two friends took part in a graffiti competition in dhahran organized by Fainak. This was our entry called "D-Hazard" short for Design Hazard.

Despite all our efforts and hard work we didn't win. Because apparently we used the help of cartons, tape, and cardboard stencils we had cut and made ourselves in order to spray our work. I guess nobody told the 4 knucklehead judges (university girls) that there are no rules in graffiti. Its street art. Anything goes!

I also took the opportunity to revamp my blog a little, adding much needed graphics. The person in the noir Sin City image in the header in question, is yes indeed, yours truly. I used a picture of myself and messed around with it in Adobe photoshop & illustrator.


Gloomy said...

ppl r crazy around here! seems those un mature ppl think its cool or something.. well my as*

ol apparently u and i have the habit of starting our posts like that :P sometimes i think 'why do i even bother to write that'

oh and congrats (though i remember telling u to enjoy the stay in delightful Rio) :P

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back!!!!

ren_crow said...

Hah delightful riyo hahahaha.


Mochness said...
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Bliss said...

Drivers in riyadh are suicidal!
It's so different than Shargeya, people around there are so...calm!

You finally organized your blog! yey :D

ren_crow said...

alive and kicking!

tell me about it! I used to think the driving in khobar was bad lol...

samaher said...

that looks great , but working as graphic designer can put u in hard edges , btw designers got the best salaries
we do graffiti too in our office :P stupid ones :P
isa you win next time

keep bloggin

eshda3wa said...

i love the graffiti

Karamilah said...

welcome baaack

the crazy jogger said...

welcome back!
and that looks familiar. I thnk ive seen it at my Uni.. :D

ren_crow said...

I'm an exhibition designer not a graphic designer :p
And yea graphic designers do get paid well.



Yea you probably did.

Faten said...

My friend was one of the girls in that graffiti competition, she didn't win neither ;p
Welcome back pizza guy ;p