Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driving in saudi arabia Part 2

If any of you were around long enough to remember my post about driving and drivers in saudi arabia you will undoubtedly understand that traffic in this country is a huge problem. Well since my last post Ive come across a host of new types of drivers of whom I'd like to discuss.

The Line-rider: This guy learned nothing about driving on a road from the little that is taught in driving school. Is under the impression that the white lines dividing the road are in fact the lanes themselves. So he drives over the line making sure to keep it within the tires of his car. These guys are completely oblivious to the great amount of honking generated by other drivers.

The Player: Ever watched a game of american football? Where players run and dodge opponents in order to reach the other side? Well considering most young shabab are crazy about soccer, these type of drivers have been watching the wrong sports channel. Think of this guy as the younger unmarried version of The Camel Jockey. Not only do these guys not look when they turn in from an intersecting street, but act like that any ensuing mishaps resulting thereof is invariably the other teams fault. In the event of an accident will either phone his daddy or every friend on his mobile phone's contact list.

The Bus: These big and gentle giants are unfortunately very annoying. Not only are they slow but they take up a whole lane forcing its giant metal ass to take up your whole front view. If you end up being in the unfortunate situation of heavy traffic with a bus in front of you then you will also have to endure breathing heavy exhaust smoke filtering through your car's air-conditioning system.

The Truck: Very similar to a bus however unlike the bus these come in a variety of wonderful forms such as:

The dumptruck. The waste disposal truck. The garbage truck. The people's truck. The water transportation truck. The toxic or potentially dangerous chemical/substance truck.

Either way if you're behind a truck on a road it would be advisable to move immediately. Or you might end up getting some strange substance on the front hood of your car...

And last but not least...

The Pedestrian: Somehow its ingrained in our DNA to be idiots. Why oh WHY don't people use the overhead walkway bridges instead of just stumbling across the roads like they've got a bad case of diarrhea? Some of these people have a death wish. Standing in the middle of the road it makes one think if they actually want cars to turn them into squishy little smears on the asphalt..


Karamilah said...

that's outrageous, better not drive then and cause urself harm because of others, seriously.

Faisal.K said...

hahahahahhaha excellent post...

what bout the sleeper??? the ones dozing at the wheels??

Tazeen said...

at least you get to drive is the kingdom, if you were a woman, you would have to wait for MAN of the family to drive for basic necessities of life

SouS said...

you havent seen beirut, Delhi or places like that have you!!!
you cant talk about crappy driving till you see Tehran, you can't talk about ignorant drivers till you see Cairo!!
Saudi is heaven compared to places like that!

Khadija said...

lol... everywhere you go driving is an adventure in itself. but people if you really want a driving experiece that takes you to the brink of death, try south africa rush hour driving behind or in front of a mini-bus taxi. rules do not apply to this segment of the driving population. it takes guts i tell ya.

ren_crow said...

how am i supposed to get around town then?

faisal k.
eh i think they're all sleeping. I should have put something about the really slow drivers...

yea i know its pretty ridiculous.

Well you're probably right but its gonna get worse soon if they don't upgrade the driving schools.

its ok i'm a brave man :p

manutdfanatic said...

Get down to Jeddah; we have yet better variety. ;)

Random thoughts said...

what about the drivers, with mobiles attached to thier ears? you forgot to mention them. I bet they feel left out.

*Ramadan Kareem*

ren_crow said...

Really? Now i'm curious...

Oh yea I forgot about them. I'll make sure to get to it in my next drivers post.

Stylish-Girl said...

LOL :P:P welcome to ksa streets :P:P

i feel like they drive ready TO FIGHT :P