Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting the shoe treatment.

I almost spit my out my low fat milk I was drinking this morning when I happened to glance at the frontpage of today's newspaper: "Bush 'shoed' during Iraq visit" along with the hilarious picture of Bush ducking to avoid the shoe thrown at him. Now THAT is what I call entertainment. The late-night talk show hosts are gonna have a ball with this one. Not to mention the footwear companies (Cmon seriously who else thinks this would make a great advertisement for Reebok?)

Anyways.....its been a while since I last updated. I admit I was being lazy. I was finally compelled to after seeing todays newspaper. Lets see now...what have I missed.

Happy Thanksgiving!
All I could find was the pumpkin pies that the bakery at Safeway usually has. I couldnt find a turkey anywhere unfortunately. The funny thing is when I asked one of the employees they straight away led me to and introduced me to, "Ahmet" a guy from Istanbul (with a last name I couldnt pronounce) who was working in the fish section. I wonder why they did that. Weird...

Eid Mubarak!
Went out to eat dinner with friends and then had a BBQ at aramco beach the next day. I was half expecting someone to be wearing a "burkini" but alas to no avail. The mass slaughter of sheep, goats, chickens, cows and camels was pretty interesting. What can I say, I'm a carnivore.

Classes started again!
Wait a minute why the hell am I even celebrating that.


sadia said...

yeah it has been too long since your last post!
the burkini looks nasty if you ask me 0__0

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

you know, if we knew that all we needed to do was to beat up bush to get you back hear, chan we did that a long time ago ;Pp

ps: birkini pic wont open =(

izzy™ said...

mashalla his reflexes are good..did u see how the arab dude next to him was standing there frozen for a split 3zayez was saying to me, u'd think he's used to having things thrown at him :P
n what the hell is a birkini? :P

SouS said...

haha, Bush could declare the next weapon on mass destruction to be a Shoe, so then he could ban all arab men who wear shoes over size fourty to be investigated:P

libero anima said...

lo0o0o0o0o0ol ! yeah that was hilarious duuude ! ..

Halawa said...

"Not to mention the footwear companies (Cmon seriously who else thinks this would make a great advertisement for Reebok?)"

Ahahaha, everyone's going to be wondering what brand it is, I'm sure to get myself a pair and spray graffiti all over it with quotes from Mr. Muntadher.

LOL, the burkini.. O_o

eshda3wa said...

i couldnt stop laughing at bushh!!

that reporter must ave really loved him

hijabee said...

I wish he hadn't missed lol!

coralbead said...

hey ren, long time!

Actually there's a game at that lets you throw shoes at dubya.

jasmine said...

hey, i decided to go through all my blog comments to find yours, so i could go on your blog (which i went on once, like a few months ago and forgot the name/link) just so i could come to comment on one of your posts, since i was well...

...a little bored :P

thanks for the photo shoot idea. i'm totally going to find girls with bikinis at the beach and ask them to wear a burka while i shoot them.

i know that's not what you meant, but that's what i got out of it.

yes, you are welcome.

p.s. sorry for the run-on sentences.

p.p.s. are you an aramcon? i am always there and i never saw you. or maybe i did see do you look like? hahah

Tazeen said...

why would you hope to see a girl in burkini?

ren_crow said...

didja miss me? oh no on the contrary the burkini is quite lovely...

but then the whole novelty of such an event would wear off dont you think? hmm or maybe not..
I changed the link. You can check it out now.

yea lol nuri al maliki just thinking "oh well at least its not happening to me!"
Burkini = burqa + bikini

yea apparently thats the biggest joke of 2008

libero anima
hehe yeb!

And they did! apparently they were iraqi made shoes made by some factory in baghdad. Or at least they think so. Could be made in china too.

oh yea he adored him so much he gave him his shoes as a gift.

so do about like half a million other people.

yea i saw that. I cant believe how fast it took for someone to make that!

aww so that makes my blog special? Be careful you might get punched by one of those bikini girls (even though i wouldnt mind).
No im not aramco. I'm next door in stinky old KFUPM. Somebody i know works in aramco and he managed to get us into the beach.

well let me put it this way. You know about bigfoot and the loch ness monster right? its the same idea.

jasmine said...

where do you want to go in aramco? you know, to get away from "stinky old KFUPM."

always walk into the gate when a group is entering (try to mingle). LOOK LIKE YOU BELONG THERE. just keep walking until someone stops you and then go with the "i'm a returning student and i didn't renew my I.D." that especially works now since it's christmas holidays in the states/europe and all the kids are back.

or tell the person your friend/father told you to meet him there. if they ask for a badge num, write down your friends' and recite it.

try to enter in the morning/early afternoon, if you can.

ren_crow said...

Haha thanks for the heads up, but rest assured, I dont actually have any intention of sneaking into aramco anytime soon. I dont really know anybody else in aramco other than that one friend who took us to the beach.

Rawr said...

I agree with the reebok thing. And yes, VERY AMUSING! The guy had guts!

PaLoMiNo said...

Happy new year :)