Thursday, June 19, 2008


Things I need to do this summer:

1. Practice using 3D studio max

2. Practice graffiti

3. Improve my guitar skills

4. Join a band

5. Lose some weight

6. Work out at the gym

7. Get laid (im kidding)

8. Get drunk (im kidding again)

9. Get high (ok i'll stop)

10. Brush up on my illustration and graphic design skills

11. Somehow get the Unreal Tournament 3 engine and map editor (along with the game)

12. Study through the big textbook on architectural sustainability issues.

13. Check out everything the library in the jam3ah has on "Anamorphism".

14. Start writing story and developing concept and character designs for graphic novel.

15. Start developing character designs for future 3D animated episodes.

16. Get a job.

17. Get a life.

18. Get a woman! Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! lol

.....Its gonna be a busy summer. I gotta get ready for those two interviews too. Wish me luck!


Balqees said...

5 - kinda womeny :P i need to lose wight too :S

4- tell me who that goes and if u do join a band tell , i can sooo be a lead singer :P


good ;uck wth all that :D

Rimyoleta said...

that looks like a looooooooooooong summer...
Have fun :)

Fa6ma said...

LOL @ 7,8,9 & 18 that's so funny!! =D
Good luck inshallah,, and yeah get 18 and you'll get the rest and lose other stuff =p

Anonymous said...

Man you had longest list ever , just kidding well you know what you will get all what you want just sit your plan and we will support you MR :) Good Luck !!


Oreo Madness said...

I doubt you'll do them all during the summer ;p

Anonymous said...

Good luck.
Seems like everyone wants to lose weight this summer :p

Gloomy said...

one hell of a summer

good luck with everything.

Faten said...

some busy summer ppl having here :P
good luck & have fun i guess, everything seems a bit hard

SwaRwaR said...


Good Luck

Feminist™ said...


are the best ;p
you really have to work on them ;p

SouS said...

ok.. so most of what is on your list is on mine too.. UPM has a guitarist band, classical guitars, ok well they did till 2 yrs ago, i dont know if the guys r still together!!!
if you do start\join a band, let me know, im really good with a keyboard/piano:D:D
good luck with the list:d

eshda3wa said...

i wonder how many things ur actually gna get done!

SKITTLES said...


plus, you've been tagged ma friend! :-o

ren_crow said...

la2 if you be the lead singer we'll all get kicked out of the band :O

Ahlaaan. Yep long summer indeed. Sankoo

Eh thats not happening in this country! :p

Well girls tend to have much longer lists. You know about shopping, getting married to their true love, and other melodramatic stuff.

oreo majnooni
Wanna bet?

Yea...all those pizzas and lasagne have taken their toll.

Yub. Yeb. Yab. You too!

Naah its not hard. The hard part is trying not to be lazy about it!


Oh really? Would you like to help me? ;)

lol there were loads of guys doing things like that. And as a matter of fact I will be looking for a keyboardist. I'll let you know when things go down.

Hmm yes I wonder too :p

WHOA please I dont do tags. I'm not a girl :p

Fo0f said...

toooo much!!!

rawr said...

Lose weight, yes, thats been on my list for the past 2 years haha

13- why?

Im sure you wont do any of that, but good luck trying :P

SKITTLES said...

G'Luck! :-o

*skitts whispers in your ear* : i could get you laid, drunk, aaaand high! (Not kidding @@)

ok i am kidding. :$

ren_crow said...

Hmm you think so? Do you think riyad bank will give me a secured loan in order to help me finish all of them? :p

why what? Oh yea? we'll see.

oooh now im interested keep going.