Friday, June 13, 2008

Its Friday the 13th

No wonder I don't feel so good.

Speaking of which, when that happens I usually go on youtube and watch the music vid for that song "hulm romancy" by hamad al amri al wasmi or whatever his face is called.
I dunno theres something upbeat about that song, makes you feel like its Eid all over again. And of course I just find something hilarious about two grown men singing about the wet dream they had, and not to mention the group of women wearing white gowns in the vid showcased like they were a herd of sheep wandering around the place. Ahahahaha sweet.


manutdfanatic said...

"No wonder I don't feel so good."

You can say that again.

I. Feel. Like. A. Lovely. Piece. Of. Crap.

Cartman said...

My bday is onthis day

Balqees said...

why is friday so freaky anyway ??

Oreo Madness said...

Creepy song..

taqo said...

u got a man crush, ren? ;))))
i don't blame u.

and didnt u a friday the 13th post before???

Kay Di said...

creepy song...!!

you said oreo girl.. i was lookin for a word to describe that thing..

ren_crow said...

I feel like a filthy piece of crap.

then you must be a hippie.

Well after that incident which happened on friday the 13th i think almost 20 years back, where a psycho killer wearing a hockey mask killed a whole bunch of people at some camp, things just havent been the same.

oreo majnooni
Yes a creepy song for a creepy day. My precioussss.

Eww hell no. And yea I did one last year.

kay di

Fo0f said...

u been learning arabic :P
good good.. r u afghani!! LMAO, i wonder why she thought AFGHANI!! the first i'd think was bangali since there's a million of them running around town :P
friday 13th aint that bad.. :)

ren_crow said...

Well because i dont look bengali. Eh some ladies are just plain majnooni.

PG said...

i had a final that day