Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well its been a week and a half since I got here to the states and I havent posted anything on my blog.
I could have said that I've been extremely busy (which I have) or i could just say I've been extremely lazy. maybe both:p

Well anyways my flight from bahrain took me to frankfurt in germany where I took a connecting flight to new york. It was long and boring except for the part where I had a conversation with the lady sitting next to me. She was a director of some childcare company in North Carolina. She wasnt even that old like around 30 or something. She was also kind of wierd.

Anyways when I reached New york I took a taxi to the Greyhound bus terminal. I got to see downtown Manhattan in all its craziness. Of course it wasnt the huge billboards or interesting buildings that got my attention not as much as the chicks that seemed to be on every street:D

Well i took the greyhound to the Atlantic city in new jersey where my uncle was. After he picked me up we took a trip down the boardwalk. One word...wow!
I also took a trip down to philidelphia, but thats another story. Right now im in el paso in texas. Ill be heading off to arizona in a couple of days.
And yes i do have loads of pics. Ill load them up the next chance I get



Ms. New Booty (HAHA) said...

I was wondering when you were going to update! lol.
When do you start the acrosanti thing?
And hurry up, and upload the pics, we are waiting.
Good to hear from you, dude.
We want to hear all about your adventures :D

Bal8ees said...

heey i hope you have fun :D

ace said...

yay, u came on ur blog, does that mean i can give u my list:p
Hope u have fun.

SweetesT SiN said...

heeeey enjoy the states as much as u can and yes i would like fries with that (( i know im a littel late bas 3ady ))hhhhh

SunShine said...

hey man, you haven't posted in a while. How is the workshop going? Hope you're enjoying it =)

Fo0f said...

heh man enjoy ur break, and why are you moving alot :S stay in one place enough to enjoy it.. and tell us more, no more boring airport and connecting flights and terminal stuff. OK!
Why was the doctor weird, u said the convo was interesting, tell more :P
-belsalama inshalla ;)

whoami123 said...


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