Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bahrain, uni and future plans....

Well I drove to Bahrain last thursday with a couple of my friends to see The Dark Knight. The movie was pretty good though not as spectacular as all the hype made it out to be. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was top-notch. I was kinda frustrated that Two-face didnt have as much film time though. There's no batman villain that has a darker story than Two-face (at least in the comic books anyways). All in all it was defintely worth seeing in the movie theater.
Going to bahrain is always loads of fun. Only a mere 40 minutes away and yet its like a totally different world. Actually maybe the word should be a totally NORMAL world. I mean seriously its kinda a relief that you can stand behind a woman in a checkout queue in a store, and not have her think that you're about to rape her or something. On the flip side, my friends made a big deal out of seeing chicks drive cars. Its like they've never seen a woman driving before. Oh wait thats right, they havent. Either way its pretty embaressing.

Anyways this is the first week back to classes. This is my last semester (thank God) and inshallah I'll graduate in Februrary once and for all. I've taken waaaaaaaay too long. Though it comes as no surprise considering the architecture program is a whopping 148 credit hours, which is at least up to 15 or 20 credit hours more than any other major, making it the highest credit hour major at uni.
My interests have shifted somewhat as have my plans for the future. I'm probably not to going to continue in architecture after I graduate. Instead I have my eyes set on getting an internship at Pixar in california. You know...the 3D film animation company that made Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Ratatouille, and this year's WALL-E. My background in using a 3D modelling software (3D Studio Max) for architectural renderings is definitely a plus. Having experience with a 3D modelling software (3DsMax, Maya, RenderMan, etc), university degree, and a strong portfolio are amongst the things they'll be looking for. The other major thing is broad artistic and technical skills. I have until March to submit my portfolio. Wish me luck!

Of course I'm also going to try for DreamWorks, LucasArts, and Blue Sky Studios. I'm also interested in the gaming industry, and might try to see if I can get a job later in one of the numerous game development companies dotting the states. And if things don't work out....well I still have architecture. And if that doesnt work out....then i'm just going be an unemployed bum.......lounging at home obtaining sustainance off deep dish pizza and twinkies.


Hottie said...

I'm an architecture major too! except I just started... God luck with Pixar, I hope you get it. (I like that you are more open-minded than the regular Saudi guy, sorry, didn't mean to generalize)

izzy™ said...


izzy™ said...

and he's not saudi...maybe thats why he's open-minded :P

izzy™ said...

and....following* :P

izzy™ said...

oh yeah.. good luck ren!! :P

Anonymous said...

"I mean seriously its kinda a relief that you can stand behind a woman in a checkout queue in a store, and not have her think that you're about to rape her or something"
What is it with the blogoshpere and generalizing lately?

Best of luck on your last year, and also your plans for the future. And unemployment doesn't sound to shabby, so your good.

- 8-bits of Coffe

Tazeen said...


lol at standing behind a chick in the queue and not having her think that you are out to rape her.

I have noticed that too, not only Saudi women but Omanis behave that way as well ... being a girl myself, i thought it was seriously over the top.

ren_crow said...

lol izzy's right, i'm not saudi. Always nice to meet a fellow architect. I hope you're ready for those all-nighters because they're a real pain in the ass. Best of luck!

gracias beejay

Well if it happens nearly everytime you go to any store then it isnt exactly generalizing is it.
Haha thanks but unemployment in the states is a whole other ball game.

Yea it makes a person feel so uncomfortable. Whats the big deal anyways? People need to lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, hope you get all what you want :D
Pixar and DreamWorks.. dude that's so cool :p

Hey and if you're too tall, make sure you don't stand too close to the woman you're standing behind. I figured giant people can't tell the distance between them and the shorties in front of them so they tend to think there's enough space while in fact it's just 10cm or something and that's really creepy. See? I figured all that myself and I'm not even 21! Genius huh?

Hottie said...

lol, izzy! I can't help it, I'm your new stalker... wait he's not saudi? oops, sorry dude! I've already pulled a few all-nighters, and I'm not even half way through the first semester!

Maya // مايا said...

"Only a mere 40 minutes away and yet its like a totally different world. Actually maybe the word should be a totally NORMAL world."

Its amazing what a short drive can do :)

I don't get the Saudis.. seriously.. I mean I'm Qatari and all but I don't go around acting like that. The Saudis tend to be all dramatic though. Hmm..

ren_crow said...

Thanks. Yet it happens with short guys as well. I think it obviously has to do with being male rather than height.

Sounds like a good time to get out those cans of red bull

Saudis take their tribal customs a tad bit more seriously than other gulf nations. Unfortunately this still means having archaic and ridiculous laws in place which keeps holding their country back in terms of overall progress.

Faten said...

LOL @ bahrain is a total NORMAL world, it is !! :P

gooooood luck with pixar, sounds very cool..hope you have a wonderful last semester :D

bb_aisha said...

Wow! That sounds so awesome wanting to work for Pixar. Hope you get in. And how cool that you straddle two worlds.

Halawa said...

You live in Saudi Arabia, but you drove to Bahrain to watch the Dark Night? Is that because it was banned "some lame reason" or because you guys just wanted to spend some time lol? I love doing that, it's like, "wen danak ya ju7a?"..

I totally agree,Heath Ledger was perfect.... Hahahaha, I'd like to smile forever too you know :p

A total different world huh? I can imagine, I have loads of Saudi friends who lived with us in the same State in the Mississippi, USA, and they're always complaining how everything is so different and quite unfair...

" its kinda a relief that you can stand behind a woman in a checkout queue in a store, and not have her think that you're about to rape her or something"
O_o is the situation that difficult over there? God!

Pffffttt.. never seen women driving... man... that is just sooo wrong! Really, women are a lot more responsible than men when it comes to driving! (No offense bro).. I've been driving my dad's car illegally for around 2 years now and I haven't been caught once... While my big bro has had a license for over a year now, and dad still tells him to be careful and act like an adult! SO UNFAIR!

Mashallah! Whoaaah man, I like that you've got a goal to strive to, that's the first step to success... Good Luck!

Peace, 7ala
Sorry, katabt jareedeh