Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm not dead. Just fried like a zombie.

Ok before I say anything i'd like to say:

1. Eid Mubarak
2. Merry Christmas
3. Happy new year 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Krispy Kreme finally opened here in shargiya
5. Happy Mother's day
6. Happy Valentines day.......actually scratch that, its a bullshit holiday
7. Happy Easter
8. I got married :) .......................

...................yea April Fools ya fools!

Anyways, my new semester started in February, and so has my senior project. Which is why i havent been on the blogs much. Which is a really lame excuse because ive been spamming the hell out of facebook. But you get my drift right?
This is my second last semester and the last semester in which i have my studio classes. One more semester and I will graduate and be officially outta here!


coralbead said...

Lol hahaha ren, good luck to your last semester!

Oreo Madness said...

take me with you :(

eshda3wa said...

havnt been on much means maybe we see u around once a month!
moo min october!

goodluck !!

SwaRwaR said...


good luck :P

TAQO said...


Gloomy said...

heeeeeeeey WB
looool i've acctually believed #8

good luck and wish u all the best

ren_crow said...


oreo madness
la2 ya oreo majnooni. You have to stay, finish uni, and then go and get married to one of the countries fine shabab. :D What more could you want?
Oh well...maybe you'll be able to drive by then lool:p

Eh...could be. Then again maybe not.
Thanks! :D

You know i never really understood what your name meant anyways. Swarwar? is that how they say Starwars in arabic? :p
Thanks for the wishes!


hala walla ya gloomster! Yea april fools works in mysterious ways doesnt it :p
Thanks for the wishes!

ubergirl87 said...

I so fell for that lol.

Yay! I'm a senior next year. Can't wait :-D

Qatar Cat said...

Who's the lucky lady? :P :P

C'est la vie!! said...

about time u updated :P

Wow, you got me on that one...i thought u got hitched :P

ren_crow said...

Tsk tsk seriously now ladies. Do you really think that a man such as I, a bonafide bachelor who happens to be near broke, would honestly attempt to get hitched......and just throw away my slovenly, grungey, and procrastinating habits? The habits which have taken me 10 whole years to hone and perfect?? HMM??

ok fine make it 6 years. HMM??

noonie said...

Goodluck !!;) moowafag

Anonymous said...

Its not blogging, going on here.
Its foollogging. you people are very limited. All you are doing is just scratching one an other's backs. Go grow up !

izzy™ said...

correct :D now someone scratch my back its killing me :P

Anonymous said...

i hate raisins.