Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hehe i remember watching this show back in 10th grade. Kind of made me think of what exactly would happen if I got into college or grad school. Would I go through the kind of things felicity went through? Now that I AM in that stage I realized its not as dramatic as I thought it would have been like, in context with friends, ex BF's (non-existent GF's in my case), and her problems with choosing the right college major (hint: Do NOT take pre-med. You'll just break up with the love of your life, proceed to cut your hair off and look like some dumb english school teacher from those black & white Charlie Chaplin films).
Then again who am I to say that if I had gone to college in the states instead that I wouldnt be going through that kind of drama?

........ok thats just starting to sound a little too girly-ish for my comfort. I think i'll grow a beard.


eshda3wa said...

i always knew u had a girl in u :p

Gloomy said...

the thing had an error :S damn i wanted to watch it. but i'll try later.

Oreo Madness said...

i love felicity!!
brings back some good memories :'(

i used to have a crush on ben
he's actually hot *rolls eyes*

Dazed & Confused said...

i had a crush on Noel.... the idiot Jenifer gardener traded down in my opinion !!!

i absolutely loved the show and featured it recently in an essay i wrote for a grad school application.

the basstards rejected me ...... it's all because of u felicity , DAMN U !!!

Fa6ma said...

Felicity? Am I in the right blog? =/
I hated her,, I don't know why? I just didn't like the character.

AD_Queen said...

hello my sis

thx for the comment made me happiest gurl ever , u sid ur prof wants u to organize sth right

email me f u need help

sorry if its kinda late


ren_crow said...

oh no you didnt!

okey dokey

oreo majnooni
Isn't he a little old for you....and considering that this was over 10 years ago. You were just an oreo baby at that time :/

Yea totally. Wait what the hell am i saying. nevermind.
Lmao looks like the admission people must have watched it too.

I dunno...are you in the right blog? Thats ok sometimes i dont event think im in the right blog. Tsk tsk jealous lady.

Ahlan wa sahlan :)
I always find it amusing when people forget to read my "about me" section the first time they visit my blog. I mean what should i do....act like a jerk and pretend im a girl and email her just to gain said female's trust?.....or spill the beans the first time and state plainly that "I'M NOT A GIRL!!!!!!" ?

Whatever. Thanks for the offering the help though :)

C'est la vie!! said...

i think she was being sarcastic