Monday, December 18, 2006


I just realized something.

I need a haircut.

............fascinating isnt it.


AngeL said...

Shot Gun!!
LOOOL i thought the page wasnt done uploading.. i was waiting... go get a hair cut ;)

Missy said...

eheh go and get ur hair cut, then take a shot of it and post it here! :p

taqo said...

Is there supposed to be a picture?

ace said...

yeah iwas think the same thing, how are we supposed to know if u really need a haircut or if u like better this way.

And u HAVE to take our advice, cuz believe me we know.

C'est la vie!! said...

i will cut it for u...u look the buzz/military cut??

Someone said...

fascinating indeed :P

palo-girl said...

wow... what an amazing post!
.. :p
thanks for dropping by my blog

C'est la vie!! said...

look :P *like

beejay™ said...


Geek in Pink said...

Interesting. Please keep us updated on your hair situation, i'm sure most of us will be waiting with bated breaths :P
P.S. You made me realize it's been awhile sice i've gotten my hair trimmed, so thanks!

Qatar Cat said...

I need one too


ren_crow said...

Hope u didnt wait too long though. Yep, will do!

hmmm i might just do that. I'll think about it:)


fine, ill take your word for it, O wisest of aces

really??:D kewl, that'll save me quite a bit of money. Thanks but naah im not a military man:p

i know;)

it is, isnt it!! sure anytime hun

me 2, what?

wow such anticipation was something i wasnt expecting hehe. Of course u need a haircut. The reason I posted this was just to remind u;)

Yallah go get one. Then tell me all about it;)

Maze said...

na3eeman mokadaman...

She6anah said...

lol @ you =D I think you need more than that =p JK!!