Sunday, December 03, 2006

10 more random things which u (probably) didnt know abt me

Well what more can I say. My laziness binge isnt over yet so I might as give u some more pointless stuff about yours truly:

1. For some unknown reason in the past 12 years I have been teaching myself to learn how to read, write and speak english backwards. At least i know can always get a job as a linguist in the UN!

2. I have a strange fascination with obscure languages and civilizations. Did u know that Maltese spoken by the people of the island of Malta in the Mediterannian sea, is the only european language that is based on Arabic?
Or that the people normally called Gypsies in Europe are actually known as Roma and originate from the indian subcontinent. Their language Romany has many shared words with urdu and hindi. They were called gypsies long ago because people in europe mistakenly thought they were from Egypt(hence the name gypsies).

3. When I'm in areas of low temperatures, be it the snowy cityscape of New york in december or in an overly air conditioned room, my fingers tend to become ice cold. Which is about as unremarkable as it gets:p

4. I used to skateboard when I was in Singapore until I was busted by the cops for "disturbing the peace of the neighborhood". Im more into roller-blading now.

5. I have been playing bass guitar for the past 6 years. I literally had to force my parents to give me the cash to buy the guitar.

6. A poem I composed three years ago got a nomination on an international poetry website and I was invited to attend a conference in Philidelphia in Feb 2004. Of course there was no way I could go as I had fucking exams and also my dad would be less than willing to send me to the states just for some poetry conference:(

7. Most people think I'm usually a happy and carefree kind of guy. However underneath my sugar-coated exterior I actually have a very dark and nihilistic personality.

8. I went to The Family Values tour concert in Phoenix, Arizona of August of this year. I met with and got an autographed CD of one of the bands, Walls of Jericho.

9. In the same month I also met the famous 87 year old italian architect Paolo Soleri. Brilliant guy. Too bad he was such an arrogant egotistical asshole:p

10. I have 5 fingers on each hand. Yea I bet u couldnt ever have imagined that one.

Aaaand there u have it. Alrighty then, ill c u later or something(damn i really am getting lazy)


lil fishy said...

hehe, u have too much time :p
i have 10 toes :D
andi used to go roller blading in upm, no stunts or anything just normal roller blading around the neigbborhood. aahh, the good old days

Black Orchid said...

i suck at skateboarding :/

Anonymous said...

I'm Batsy,
from Yemen,
and I'm 20 y.o

Hi, Everyone
I've studied English sinse this Winter .
It's very!
I want like to meet boys and girls and practisice My English with them.


Black Orchid said...

batsy, wtf?!

SweetesT SiN said...

batsy :D welcome LOL

and u wanna know something weird i can write backwards REALLY FAST in arabic and english :D

C'est la vie!! said...

I read magazines backwards...but thats just because i get easily bored and i hate all the ads in the front of the magazines....

ren_crow said...

lil fishy
yea i wish i had time to rollerblade too. I have 11 toes;P

black orchid
maybe i should give u a lesson one of these days;)

uhmm hello batsy. Didnt know there were ppl from yemen called batsy. Well go ahead and practice your english. laterz.

sweetest sin
really! looks like we have something in common. We should have a contest and see whos better.

c'est la vie
wow even i dont do that. usually anywayz.

C'est la vie!! said...

and by backwards, I meant..from the back cover to the front cover...not upside down :P

ace said...

7. Most people think I'm usually a happy and carefree kind of guy. However underneath my sugar-coated exterior I actually have a very dark and nihilistic personality.

I knew there was something weird about you, should i start worrying?

Lol@ getting in trouble for skating in singapore, i can soo imagine that my friend comes from there and the things she tells me about the place doesn't even seem like its part of this world

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Fo0f said...

Oh, my.. Another Ross?? Heh
What Pinge u talking about?!!
Good for you, you like guitar playing and Rollerblading, ur back to my list :P

ren_crow said...

cest la vie
oh. and i thought u meant reading while upside down on your head:p

hmm yea maybe u should.
Hehe well what can u say about a country that bans bubblegum!

call me after the next 50 years or so when i might need it

...and when was I ever of your list?;)

ren_crow said...

*when was i ever OFF your list

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Fo0f said...

Lol, now I know where those spammers got to my blog =P
U shold roller blade more often.. It's nice in korniche??

ren_crow said...

yea foof i give them your blog as a reference:p

bleh. i never rollerblade over there. too many families walking around everywhere.

Missy said...

aww we have something in common! i`ve 5 fingers n each hand too!! :p

Someone said...

i'd love to read your poem :)

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taqo said...

Ok. # was very intresting :I
Wow. Never imagined that!

"disturbing the peace" - LOL. Kewl.

"dark and nihilistic personality"
Heh. I figured, from some of that stuff that you listen to ;)

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AngeL said...

hehe.. my fingers are always frozen no matter what temperture it is.. and it seems you have traveld alot... and you should post your poem so we can see it :)

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