Saturday, April 29, 2006


It's past 12 midnite here and i feel sooo wasted. I had an exam today so i was studying for it since yesterday. Literally. stayed awake the whole night except for one hour of sleep that i got.

I swear Red Bull is amazing lol. I drank two cans of that stuff last night and it kept me awake until 6 am. And even then i didnt feel that tired. but just in case i drank another one haha. Gave me enough time to study for my test. Later during my after noon studio class i drank some str0000ng black coffee too keep me from dozing off. Woohooo so ive been pretty hyper.


Diabz said...

i always drink a flask of nescafe but if u say red bull does the job..

Fo0f said...

"Kolak 7arakat" Baison does it for me ;)