Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Park 51 NYChildren UPDATE

Ahlan wa Sahlan

So apparently theres been a breakthrough with the donations for Park 51's NYChildren project. Someone pledged $20,000 raising the amount of donations to $64, 237 which is just under $6000 short of the required $70,000! Mashallah! Unfortunately today is also the last day for donations (Aug 10). I tried my best to help raise awareness about the issue by handing out flyers at my local mosque and in M street in Washington DC as well as posting on facebook & twitter. I don't even know if  it made a significant difference to be honest. I'm beginning to think I have a OCD hero complex or something. I always find myself having to do something about anything that nobody is doing anything about. Maybe I'm just a sucker....

Anyways today IS the last day to raise donations for this project. If theres anything you can do to help (donate, hand out flyers, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc) and if you believe you can make a difference, today is the day to do it Inshallah! Never lose hope.


NYChildren link

Park 51 link

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