Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan checklist (with some manly man talk)

Ahlan wa sahlan

Tis the season to be fasting falalalala LAAA la laaaaa laaa.......wait hold on a sec. I think I'm getting mixed up with another holiday. 

Anyways I want to wish a very merry Ramadan to all muslims everywhere and especially to my loyal blog readers (all three of you lulz). So with the end of the month of Shaban and the start of Ramadan just an hour away, It got me thinking....time really flies doesn't it? This month has been one hell of a ride, I finished the summer classes I wanted to take, I moved to maryland, started a new job, and learned a hard lesson about myself.

Now that I'm all settled in the next question do I want to spend Ramadan this year? I need to use this blessed month to improve on the things that I think are necessary for me. One of the things I personally believe I need to improve on is trying to be a better man. A man you say? Yes a man is honorable and chivalrous. A man is brave. A man always does the right thing, no matter what the cost. In short I need to be like this: 

Ok I admit I watched Lord of the Rings the other night. Gimme a break already! But all jokes aside I personally believe that its just something I need to improve on Inshallah. And don't get me wrong I'm not saying that I'm not already a gentleman as it is (what would the other alternative orc?)

So what does it mean to be a man? A man is:

1) Honest. Even when the truth may be hard to say or hear. He doesn't lie to save himself nor does he lie to make himself sound more important or interesting.

2) Honorable. He does the right thing even when doing the opposite would be more beneficial for him.

3) Compassionate. He shows sympathy and concern for others. and tries to help when he can.

4) Educated. A man tries his best to seek knowledge.

5) Diligent. He always works hard to make sure his goals are accomplished. He doesn't let anyone or anything stand in his way (including himself).

6) Introspective. He is always in touch with his feelings and emotions and is reflective of his actions.

7) Leader. He chooses his own path and direction in life and follows it for himself.

8) Responsible. A man is conscious of his obligations and duties and always makes sure that his affairs are in order.

Sound familiar? All my requirements for being a "man", are also requirements for being a good muslim. Indeed all of these characteristics were exemplified and espoused by The Prophet (pbuh). We're only as good as we allow ourselves to be. So why not be the best that we can possibly be using the best role model we have? Inshallah.

Now some other things on my checklist I plan on getting done are:

1) Finishing the Quran at least once during this month. 
2) Memorizing that surah I've been meaning to do for a while.
3) Learning up on some much needed hadith.
4) Improve any deficiencies I think I may have in my prayer or Quranic pronunciation.
5) Helping out more at my local masjid.
6) Attend all the tarawih prayers
7) Finish off all the work I've put on hold
8) Eat more hummus (just kidding)

Now if you haven't checked this out I highly suggest you do so. Its a series of animated videos on how to be a productive muslim during the month of Ramadan. Check out their youtube channel right here.

Ramadan Kareem :)



Butterfly Chick said...

Hello dear.. Morning and happy Ramadan..

I enjoyed reading your post :).. Inshalla you can do all this, its really great to put such goals to yourself! But you should stick to these stuff after Ramadan too :P

May God bless you :)

Gloomy said...

Ramadan mubarak :D

Its challenging to stick to such goals but I believe you are capable of achieving them

its nice to see you back here!

Hebah said...

Happy Ramadan

it's Kinza said...

Legit! Ramadan Mubarak :)

ren_crow said...

Yea yea I know. I should have mentioned that in my blog. Ramadan kareem :D

Ramadan mubarak to you too. Yea hopefully I do. Glad to BE back.

Ramadan kareem to you too.

Thanks. Ramadan kareem.

Biblioholic83 said...

Wait...are you saying you watched all 3 LOTR movies in one night? Impressive.

Good luck with your lists, manly and otherwise.
I like how you've set goals for yourself during Ramadan. A good reminder that this month is first and foremost a spiritual holiday :)

P.S. Thanks for the link! Will definitely be checking out their other videos.

ren_crow said...

Ahlan ahlan! wow I haven't seen you in loooong time. Well aaah haha I'm a bit of a Tolkien nerd. Yea the point is I want to spend this month fruitfully. Glad you liked the link.

coralbead said...

Ramadan kareem, ren!

maryam said...

I really like this post