Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Aggh. Just aggh.

Thats all I got to say. Why, you may ask is all that I have to say is aggh? Why, you may ask is there is nothing other than aggh for me to say? And why, you may ask am I unwittingly saying other things than aggh when I specifically said that aggh was all I had to say thus contradicting my first statement about aggh?

I suppose I could say its because just this saturday (20 september) after iftar, a dumptruck filled with RDX and TNT just happened to drive up to the Marriot hotel in Islamabad in pakistan and blow it to kingdom come leaving 60 people dead and a massive crater in the ground about the size of mexico. All this during Islam's holiest month.

Or I suppose I could say that its because Asif Ali Zardari, the worst, most corrupt, and most useless politician in paki history (second to his deceased wife of course) won 281 out of 426 valid votes during the recent presidential elections. (Actually scratch that, he's not really much of a politician either). I'm sad to say this but it looks like its the end of pakiland. Wait, what am I saying. It IS the end of pakiland. RIP.

Or I suppose I could say that after the pakistani electorial dissapointment, that I thought I could count on looking forward to the upcoming US presidential elections.......

...........But alas. To no avail my friends.

Everybody seems to be rooting for Obama. But to be honest in the end there isnt gonna be any substantial difference between him and McCain in regards to foreign policy. Same old useless tactics. Same old AIPAC and zionist lobby ass kissing. Its pretty much down to which of the two lesser evils gets the highest number of votes.

I'm not even sure if I should bother voting this time. The last time I was able to vote, Bush and Kerry were in the hotseats and it was pretty much a no-brainer then. So much that I didnt even bother voting for Ralph Nader (the preferred candidate amongst most of my friends anyways). Eh what the hell. If we as a religious faith are gonna suffer and be marginalized anyways then I might as well put in my two cents and root for the democrats and feel happy that I made the right choice (hardy har har). And besides, anything from getting that self-righteous hypocritical biatch Sarah Palin getting to be vice president.

At least Obama is making an effort to emphasize the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and decreasing the influence the lobbyists. Yessssssss finally! At least somebody has finally said something about those snivelling little bastards. This is definitely a step forward. I guess I might vote after all.

So yea maybe this is why I have nothing to say other than aggh. Aggh aggh aggh aggh. Aggh all the live long day.


eshda3wa said...

may everyone who died in the blast rest in peace

and u definitely should vote

its not like any candidate can perform miracles

but u cant not vote either
u have to be part of the change

Oreo Madness said...

yeah i've heard about that, it's so sad :'(
allah yer7amhum

i would like for obama to win.
but i feel like he's become more of a celebrity than a politician.

SKITTLES said...

Agghhh! Damn you bovine fanatics! Damn you Palin!

all we can do or say is AGGHHH my friend, AGGGGH!

Anonymous said...

you knw what u have just said is totally true !!! lets keep our hopes though


Anonymous said...

agghh :(

ren_crow said...

Yea i guess.

oreo majnooni
Hmm maybe. But people seriously like him. Not like the last president.


Sure lets do that.

Exactly. Aggh!