Thursday, May 15, 2008

Arabic blunder # 2: "maafi maloom"

Back in the day when my arabic wasnt as sophisticated as it was now, i usually picked up on anything I heard. After hearing the bengali workers constantly using the word "maafi maloom", I thought that this was basically what I should say whenever I dont know anything. Unfortunately i would frequently end up getting into stupid situations like this:

*walking down the street in the university housing area*
Lady: Ya shabab! T3al dageega...

Me: *walks over* n3m

Lady: T3aref wen makaan "Al-hayel ferdaws"?

Me: uhhhh *thinks for a while* hmmm hayel ferdaws.......wallahi maafi maloom.

Lady: Huh? Maafi ish? Ish gult?

Me: Maafi maloom hayel ferdaws.

Lady: Maafi maloom?

Me: Eywa

Lady: .......inta afghani?

Me: .............

And no i'm not afghani just in case you were wondering. Close, but no.


ruby said...

pakistani? ;D

PiNkiSh said...

I always thought you were a pakistani :p
Next time say "mapi ma'loom" and see how it goes.

manutdfanatic said...

Hahah. I managed to realise the idiocy behind that phrase early in the day. *gloats contentedly*

Gloomy said...

lol i wished i was there :P

Justified Destiny said...

hmmm *rubs chin*.. judging by this post and the previous one, u sound like a tini7 person. true? (no offence intended ofcourse)

SouS said...

i did that alot growing up too.. actually ive done worsE:P

noonie said...

LOL !7aram!;P

Oreo Madness said...

ahahahahahaha that was extremely funny raheel!!!

yallah keep on posting alot of arabic blunders ;p

C'est la vie!! said...

:{ translate it for me please....

english or spanish would work for me :P

Squirreliya said...

lol funny

Moniker said...
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Taqo said...


Faten said...


mapi mapi seems more of an afghan

I thought u were an asian guy..

mmmm now thinking an africanoo!?!=> not gonna stop till u put a clue (the unresolved mystery :P)

keep posting those funny blenders ;)

Faten said...

it's PM now not AM

fix it up :D

ren_crow said...

meen bekistani?

mapi maloom ish kalam sadiq.

smart lady ;)

Better if you were, you could have talked to the lady and saved me going through that mess.

Eh? whaaa? *looks around in a daze*

oh yea? you have arabic blunders too? i'd love to hear them.

lol min jed

oreo majnooni
lol ok

c'est la vie
Oh ok well in a nutshell "maafi maloom" is the retarded way of saying "i don't know". Only people who arent native arabic speakers would use something like that:

*walking down the street in the university housing area*
Lady: Hey boy! come here for a minute...

Me: *walks over* yes?

Lady: Do you know wheres the area "Ferdaws courts"?

Me: uhhhh *thinks for a while* hmmm ferdaws courts....... maafi maloom.

Lady: Huh? Maafi what? what did you say?

Me: Maafi maloom ferdaws courts.

Lady: Maafi maloom?

Me: Yea

Lady: .......Are you afghani (or something)?

Me: .............

not half as funny as someone with a name like squirreliya :p


Well miss sherlock you're gonna have to work without my fingerprints or a dna sample. Asian? african? american? I could be any of these people ;)

C'est la vie!! said...

aaahhhh makes sense now...thnx :D

bea* said...

mafi ma3looom ..lool
that waz funny..

i used to make fun of english garmmer and mede my own funny very obvious grammer mistakes..only in front of my friends though..
untill when i said..

"i HAS....."

and was a presentaion..
i went all colors ;(

hope that makes u feel betta?!

Balqees said...

that was funny and in some way i found it also sweet ( don't know why :P)

Random thoughts said...

"As it is now"
I don't want to see u using that kind language.

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