Friday, May 11, 2007

Its all about science, mom!

Mom: Just look at your room! Its a mess!

Me: Hey, Its not that bad

Mom: Not that bad?! Astghfirullah! You're a senior college student and you can't even take care of yourself?

Me: Hey i'm a busy guy. Besides, its just a couple of shirts and jeans on the bed...and my desk and chair but thats all. No problem.

Mom: Oh? And for what reason do we have closets?

Me: Because it's a good place to store my guitar?:p

Mom: No sir, so you can hang your clothes nice and properly instead turning them into cloth balls like this *points to random bundle of clothes on the bed*

Me: Its not like anyone is gonna see. Nobody comes into my room anyways.

Mom: So what about when you get married? Whats your wife gonna say when she sees you cant even keep yourself tidy?

Me: Uhmm err ahh *quickly tries to change subject* actually theres a scientific reason for why my room is messy.

Mom: Like what...

Me: I rememeber reading in my high school physics book about the Law of Entropy. It says that disorder is the natural state of the universe. Anything that is in order will eventually turn to disorder. So theres really no point in cleaning up my room because it'll just get messy all over again. I can show you the chapter in the book if you like.

Mom: .............that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Who made up that theory?

Me: Uhmm I'm not sure. Cant rememeber.

Mom: Yea he must have been a slob just like you. Now fix up this room!


So the moral of the story is..........well actually there is no moral. Basically I'm a junkie.


lil fishy said...

sorry i agree with ur mom. clean up room :| yallah yallah

Fo0f said...

Law of Entropy?? Raheel, how does ur mind come up with these things!! I should get some tutorials =Pp

coralbead said...

hahaha,u know, i was pretty messy myself even at my early twenties. I'm neater now. Your mom needn't worry that much. There'll be a time when u'll clean up the mess cuz you're already pissed off with it.

taqo said...


I luv your mom! Haha.

Law of Entropy..?

Hmmmmmm....I might use that on my mom ;p

Gloomy said...


Your mom is right :D
'look who's talking' my mom is telling me that if I don’t tidy up my room she'll throw my stuff away :S ok I need time and I don’t have this time :(
I don’t think your room is compared to mine. I've got stuff under my bed, on the desk, beside the bed, on the chair and on the ground, its more of a junk yard (this is what my dad calls my room) :P

I don’t remember studying such a thing, maybe because I used to fall asleep in physic class ;)

Agnon said...

You ever hear that the tidiness of your living room indicates the organisation of your external social and work life, and the tidiness of your room indicates the organisation of your head?

beejay™ said...


SwaRwaR said...

u know let every thing messy coz this is the life :P
i like my room to be arranged outside but when u open the closet ,,
Many things will fell n yr head :D this is my role :D
the best thing iz law of entropy :S u connect what u studied to the life good good bro ,,, :D

Geek in Pink said...

My mom used to always yell at me about my messy room. I used to say that it wasn't messy but that i had a "system" and it only looked messy because the system was very complicated. She never bought it but continued to argue that fact for many years untill i just gave up and started keeping my room as neat as i can (which means i just hide all my junk under the bed or in my closets).

rawr said...

i tell my mom that as well, "bas mama :S its just gona get messy again, whats the point"

eshda3wa said...


ren what kind of person even comes up with law of entrophy!

smart woman ur mama for not buying it

yallah get up and clean that mess up junkie!

david santos said...

Thanks for you work and have a good weekend

C'est la vie!! said...

aah the laws of Physics....I knew that there were gonna be good for something one day....I will use this line muahaaa muaahaaa thanks :P

Missy said...

hahaha how could u live in an untidy room? :|

Dazed & Confused said...

u and me both !!!

i'm as bad as they come... not even my desk @ work is safe :|

palo-girl said...

wow i havent dropped by this blog in ages.

hi :)
and listen to ur mom why dont u? :p
u know arguing never works

and if i ever dared to mention the "Law of Entropy" to my mom she would launch a never-ending lecture about how God put evreything in this Universe in perfect order..

therefore, i clean up my room, and everyone is happy :)

A.nagadi said...

You know, its easier to find stuff in your room if its tidy

And doesn't junkie mean on drugs??!! said...

wahahahahah, on point with no point. good stuff

samaher said...

grrrrrrrr mom did it tooo she dosnt understand if i clean it up i'll throw it again and again .. but she got the finance power so i had to clean up shoia...

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...

The moral of the story is: Do not discuss things with your mom. Chances are she'll win in the end =P

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