Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10 random things (u didnt know about me)

Ive been stricken with extreme laziness as of late and the fact that ive been super busy with classwork. Im sure you've all noticed considering that the last time i updated was well over a month ago. Which is why i'm about to treat you to THIS:

1. I'm fascinated by all the different types of information found in dictionaries and encyclopedias. I can actually spend hours and hours with my nose buried in the pages. And no im not a freakin' nerd.

2. I'm an obsessed graffiti artist. Someday I plan to "bomb" (as they say in graffiti terminology) the side of Building 21 which houses our university's administration offices. That should be a nice sight when the Rector comes driving up in the morning.

3. Ive been single for the past 23 years (hint hint)

4. I once nearly drowned in a lake when I was 4 years old. If i did drown I would make sure to pull a Jason Voorhees-esque Friday the 13th scenario on all of you.

5. I have a green belt in tae-kwon-do. And im sure id still get my ass kicked.

6. I almost became a goth when I was 16. With the makeup and the black clothes. U know what i mean.

7. It was also at 16 when I made a failed suicide attempt. What can i say. Cruel world!:p

8. As a kid the first type of music i ever got into was actually trance/disco. Which would eventually be replaced by rock, metal and rap. Thank God. I dunno what people would say if they thought I was still listening to ABBA.

9. I have had mild asthma as a child. And what may also be mild ADD (attention deficiency syndrome). So dont be surprised if one day on the streets u see a wheezing puffing guy drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, walking in and out of stores each at different 2 second intervals.

10. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up be a cartoonist. U should have seen the look on my mom's face.
Anyways this later changed in middle school to me wanting to be a scientist(yea parents finally got to me). In high school however i made the decision that i wanted a career as a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry and psychology. I wanted to check up on people with mental disorders which included myself:p (This was no doubt inspired by watching too many episodes of ER)
Obviously things didnt work out that way (i'll admit i couldnt get into med school) which eventually lead me to study in the field of architecture. And now im getting screwed:p

Anywayz i promise to update later. Until then, Ciao!


beejay's sis said...

lol,scary...r u sure they were RANDOM!

lil fishy said...

u hinting u wanna ask me out? :O hehe
anyways, its interesting knowing all this stuff about u. most ppl wouldn't share stuff that personal *hug*

beejay™ said...




Black Orchid said...

i wanted to be a cartoonist too!:P

It was also at 16 when I made a failed suicide attempt. What can i say. Cruel world!:p

we live in a beautiful world - words of wisdom told by none other than coldplay :P


the truth is we live a crappy world.